Why Paul Mampilly Says Blockchain Technology A Slow-Growing Smart Investment

Close to 25 years, research and investment analyst, Paul Mampilly has been alerting investors to arising opportunities, and accurately forecasting industry resources. It’s earned him a trusted reputation with a diverse client base. Recently, Mampilly offered some pearls of wisdom about blockchain technology, and in a published article he discussed how blockchain can further optimize data security, thus diminishing the control of hackers.

Changing The Landscape Of IT

As IT environments become more open and diverse, and threats become more complex, it becomes urgent for companies to be able to validate identities transactions. However, as Paul Mampilly points out, our governance mechanisms are complex and consume a lot of resources, making processes more cumbersome. We must simplify the validation at each step of a transaction to make it impossible to steal an identity, and the answer to this is blockchain.

Currently IT, security, auditing, and just about every corporate digital function is struggling to provide sufficient protection for data and transactions. We need a new revolution of security, says Mampilly, and blockchain is encrypted and tamper-proof. The technology provides an unprecedented level of security, and companies can control virtually any process or transaction. While the technology is still young, interest is in full-swing, and Mampilly says investors should take notice in small companies that are looking to adopt this technology because there is a lot of room for growth.

Combing Blockchain With Microchips

Can blockchain become a mega-trend? Paul Mampilly says embedded microchips that use blockchain technology could change the way we live. The technology has the effect of limiting security vulnerabilities because of the way blockchain unlocks data. The framework is already being used in healthcare.

Mampilly also points out the investment opportunities. One such company, STMicroelectronics, is being touted as a slow-growing smart investment for the future. He says investors should think about where decentralization makes sense because investments will certainly be necessary.

A former research analyst and portfolio manager with Deutsche Asset Management, and Kinetics Asset Management, Paul Mampilly draws on his knowledge and experience to bring the best in investing opportunities. He is a feature editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and manages several well-known newsletters like Profits Unlimited, and Rapid Profit Trader.

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