Victoria Doramus Is Making A Difference In Animals Lives

Victoria Doramus is no stranger to the hard life. Having struggled with a long-term addiction to cocaine and Adderall, she knows full well what hitting rock bottom feels like. One of the most effective things someone struggling with addiction can do, besides building a solid network of friends and sponsors committed to staying sober, is giving back to the community helping others experiencing similar difficulties, even if they’re not human. This is why Victoria Doramus is a staunch supporter of Best Friend Animals Society.

A Brief History

Best Friends Animal Society was found in 1993 and was one of the first nonprofit animal shelters to institute no-kill shelters as safe havens for abused and neglected animals. Before no-kill shelters like the Best Friend, Animal Society hit the scene, neglected, maimed and abused animals were simply euthanized. Experts estimate that since the 1980’s, more than 17 million animals across the United States were killed with the sick and old being the first to be targeted. When we as a society have no empathy for these types of animals, what stands in the way of having no empathy for our fellow man? Victoria Doramus knows what it feels like to be neglected and abused which is why she supports Best Friends Animal Society and believes that those overcoming addiction can derive great benefit from helping others.

Animals And Addiction

Victoria Doramus knows firsthand the impact animals have for addicts undergoing the recovery process. Having responsibility, that is, a life dependent on you to care for it is crucial for those starting their road to overcoming their personal addictions. Just like most people, animals are lost without someone to love and care for them. The Best Friends Network bring shelters and rescue groups throughout the United States to launch public education campaigns and hold adoption events to find homes for animals who need one. Best Friend Animal Society needs your help, to get involved or donate, visit their website.

Victoria Doramus continues to Support Best Friends Animal Society in their mission to rescue abused and neglected animals and remains true to her core values of helping others and believing in yourself. To those currently struggling with addiction, always know that all there is something divine within yourself that provides unlimited creative power and strength. In most cases, it takes those events which try us most, that push us to our limit and test our resolve to awaken this incredible divine power and manifest it in our lives.

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