Stream Energy: Channeling Aid To Those They Already Service Within Communities

Hurricane Season is presently on hand along the Atlantic seaboard and Gulf of Mexico neighboring states Among other aspects regarding Stream Energy’s philanthropy programs they are a part of, disaster assistance is a major part of these, and just in time it would seem.

When Hurricane Harvey ravaged the gulf states last year, Stream Energy was on hand to help with homeless and displaced victims with their Stream Cares program; so it would appear they have the right tools and experience to tackle the extreme weather conditions that appear towards late summer/early autumn seasons in those regions most affected.

Stream Energy is a direct-selling and life-connected company based in Dallas, Texas that is also familiar with the region since they have reportedly doing business there for at least 20 years. Their employees-numbering up to about 500-are titled Direct Associates and seem to have the freedom to pursue various causes they firmly believe in from their hearts involving the Texas communities primarily and other regional locations, according the company’s profile in Linkedin.

Stream Cares is their newest venture, but they have other Outreach programs in place as well that work with organizations such as Hope Supply Company that assist in providing food, clothing, supplies and shelter for those displaced during a catastrophe or caught in the bind of everyday economic struggles. Other organizations include Habitat For Humanity, Salvation Army, Red Cross and the American Doll franchise.

There are over thousands of global firms known for their community and charity programs, but Stream Energy boasts that because of their normal operations involving their Independent Agents that deal with their clients directly and within their familiar locales, programs like Stream Cares are more intimate and direct in many aspects to these communities in need.

This would seemingly put a face on the very organization itself; for the Independent Agents themselves seem to be on the street and face-front with the communities they work with as it is, whether in Outreaches or general business transactions. This would provide incalculable feedback to directors and potentially speedier responses one could presume during crisis situations most notably.

With the weather patterns seemingly volatile and unpredictable of late, such a direct and rapid response by companies like Stream Energy with their Stream Cares foundation, would be considered most ideal from now and into the future.

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