OSI Industries: The Value of Technology in Enhancing Growth and Development

Every company desires to gain recognition in the international marketplace. For OSI Industries, this is a dream come true. OSI sets the pace with the most valuable success stories existing in America’s business history. From a simple family-owned butcher shop in Chicago, the Company operates today as a renowned global market leader in food production. The firm still seeks to establish an extensive international market base following the modern day globalization.

During its existence, OSI Industries is committed to ensuring sustainability in its food production processes. OSI boasts of a series of innovations in enhancing its growth and development. Over the years, the firm heavily relies on the cutting-edge technology to run its operations. The contract to supply meat products to the McDonald’s initial chain of restaurants marked a significant milestone for OSI Industries into gaining worldwide recognition.

OSI Industries emerged number 58 in the 2006 Forbes listings of the largest privately operated companies with a total of 6.1 billion dollars net worth. OSI owes its significant growth in its tendency to incorporate new technological innovations in running its daily business operations. The company recently adopted the liquid-form nitrogen cryogenic freezing model technology. It tremendously eases activities in the production of food, storage and also the transportation of the products. The company’s efforts to incorporate new technology in its operations greatly contribute to its growth. Moreover, the debut of Sheldon Lavin into the leadership of the company has seen OSI through various milestones in its development efforts. Through his commitment and expertise, the Company is unstoppable in the food processing industry.

Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI prides itself in many prime awards for its sustainable production efforts. Some of these awards include one from the British Safety Council, the Globe of Honor Award. Also, OSI is the custodian of the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award. Sheldon was personally honored with the Global Visionary prestigious award. Additionally, the company has successfully managed various joint businesses and acquisitions to supplement its business and gain a wider market reach.

Following the management and leadership techniques from dedicated and experienced leaders, OSI continues to thrive into greatness. With David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin heading the company, they ensure to uphold OSI’s sustainable growth strategies. OSI also relies on the services of approximately 20,000 employees who effectively run its operations in its 65 facilities located across 17 countries globally. Besides, OSI values excellent customer relations and service delivery.

OSI Industries seeks to maintain a stable base for a sustainable future. It is also continuously involved in the generation of new innovative ideas that meet the changing demands of consumers in the industry globally.

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