Oncotarget, a Medical Journal that has gotten tested over Time

Knowledge is power. When you know the truth, regardless of how troubling it might be, you can do all within your power to make a grave situation better. Oncotarget is that one medical journal that gives the world the power of knowledge as far as health is concerned. Created in 2010, Oncotarget has had a tremendous impact helping transform the health sector in more ways than one.Oncotarget, in the seven years’ that it has been in existence has mainly produced vast volumes of scientific literature concentrating on fields like endocrinology, metabolism, pathology, chromosome, autophagy, cell diseases, neuroscience, stem cell, age related diseases, aging, physiology, immunology, and Oncotarget.

From the very beginning, Oncotarget has experienced a huge presence, due to outstanding content produced by its two editors, Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov. Taking the role of social media in modern society, Oncotarget has leveraged the power of the people through social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+.Seven years after inception, Oncotarget remains a vital resource to the pursuit of finding a cure for cancer. As a huge contributor of Oncotarget knowledge, Mikhail Blagosklonny has gone above and beyond to try and find a connection between cancer and aging. Mikhail has been overly concerned as to why many old people have cancer and related illnesses. Blagosklonny believes that if he finds that link between the above two factors, he will be a step closer to finding a cure to the cancer menace.

Today, Oncotarget publishes papers on a weekly basis, meaning that research data gets updated regularly. To this end, Oncotarget has become a major reference point for scholars across the globe with more than sixty percent of Oncotarget readers citing sources from the weekly journal. As per the American National Statistics, Oncotarget ranks at number sixty-six, an impressive value for a journal of its age.Thanks to Oncotarget, the future looks bright as far as medical science is concerned. For seven years, Oncotarget has indirectly stimulated a health research revolution that has given scientists across the globe a platform to provide patients with medical breakthroughs.

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