Martin Lustgarten Helps Dogs In His Area Find Homes

Martin Lustgarten has made sure that a lot of dogs in his area are going to find good homes, and he is starting his own GoFundMe page to help those dogs. He is supporting the Little Dog Rescue, and he is going to leave the page open so that people can give when they want to. The money that Martin Lustgarten collects is going to go to the Little Dog Rescue, and it is going to pay for the staff to go into shelters to make sure that all dogs are given a chance to get to better homes.

Martin Lustgarten has been helping dogs for a long time, and he even has shelter dogs in his home. He lives in Florida with his dogs and his family, and he is trying to help dogs make it to better homes. He wants everyone in the area to have a chance to live with a nice dog that will change their lives. Martin Lustgarten even left a small note on his GoFundMe page that is going to help people give to this rescue. The rescue brought him and his family nice times with their dogs, and he wanted to be sure that everyone else in Florida knew that they could have the same times.

The GoFundMe page is the best place for people to go when they are going to give, and it is going to be something that is going to help a dog have a better life in the future. These dogs all deserve to have a chance to live a better life, and they should be allowed to move into better homes instead of sitting on death row. The dogs that are on death row today are going to be able to go to better homes, and they will saved by the Little Dog Rescue with the funds that people give to the GoFundMe page.

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