Malcolm CasSelle Wax on How it Solves Virtual Marketplace Issues

Cryptocurrency is believed to be a major asset in the purchasing of video games, and video game items. However, the cryptocurrency virtual marketplace is decentralized making it an issue of financial security to purchase virtual cryptocurrency in a market believed to be decentralized. This has led OPSkins to create Wax( Worldwide Asset Exchange) which aims to solve issues around the cryptocurrency marketplace. One issue Wax fixes fragmentation which now makes cryptocurrency be viewed the same way as any stock in the marketplace is viewed. Another issue Wax fixes are fraud in the virtual cryptocurrency marketplace, which has been an issue of why people are skeptical of investing in cryptocurrency. Fraud is fixed by a secure widget.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of Wax, which stands for WorldWide Asset Exchange. Malcolm CasSelle is also the CIO of OPSkins, which is considered to be the number one marketplace to sell products such as video games. Before becoming the president of Wax, he was the CEO of Timeline Labs, which was later sold to Seachange Int’l where he was Senior Vice President and general manager in Digital Media.

Malcolm CasSelle ventures in multiples businesses and companies can be attributed to his extensive education. Malcolm CasSelle has multiple degrees from MIT( Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Standford University. His education has also led him to be trilingual, such as being able to speak and write English, Japanese, and Mandarin fluently.

Malcolm CasSelle wealth is not only attributed to his work experience in multiple companies, but also through his investments in companies in early stages such as Facebook, and Zynga. He is also the co-founder of a telecommunication company that is worth thirty-five billion dollars called PCCW, which is publicly traded. Malcolm CasSelle also was a venture capitalist that led startups such as MediaPass, which is a digital subscription base for media companies, Xfire, which has over twenty-two million users and is a social network for gamers. Malcolm CasSelle has also led a Groupon startup in China. Malcolm CasSelle is also a serious investor in cryptocurrency, investing heavily on bitcoin.

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