How Rocketship Education Is Changing and Improving the Education System in San Jose

San Jose used to be a great place to live, with children from low income families having as good a chance to be successful as children from Canada and Denmark. However, things have changed, and the quality of the public education system has gone down. A lot of jobs have gone away. Prices for housing have gone up dramatically. In an Op-Ed, Preston Smith said that he has seen many students struggle in San Jose but he has also seen many students achieve great success. He says that it is all about what you do. He says that a good education system can change the game and help students succeed. That is exactly what Rocketship Education is doing.

Rocketship Education has opened twenty five new schools since they started over a decade ago. They work with educators and parents to provide a great education to the students. They form a community comprised of the teachers, parents, and students.

Rocketship Education schools are charter schools. Studies have shown that by attending a high quality charter school, students can gain up to one month of learning for every year. This will give them an edge over other students and help them succeed.

Many entrepreneurs and public figures have pledged to donate millions of dollars to the people in California to support public education. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is among them. By working together, Preston Smith, who heads Rocketship Education, says that we can change the way education works in San Jose and elsewhere and give children a new chance to succeed in life and in school.

Rocketship Education is unique in that it empowers parents by helping them be involved in the education process. In fact, the parents help out with interviewing teachers and choosing the teachers for their kids for the next school year. Most parents do not even know who their children’s teachers will be, yet at Rocketship Education, they are heavily involved in choosing the teachers. This is just an example of how Rocketship Education includes parents in the process.

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