Guilherme Paulus Attends A Conference

On November 26th, 2018, there is going to a be a great, big event at San Paulo’s Renaissance Theater. Promo Marketing Inteligente and Mercado & Eventos will be holding the event. The name of the event is Forum Conectividade – Hub de Negocios. Guilherme Paulus will participate in this great event. Anybody who wants to go to this event can register for it at a certain online link. The registration is free, and anyone can go.

Guilherme Paulus will be involved in the Hub Training Panel, which will start at 3:30 pm in the afternoon. He will interview Arialdo Pinho, the Ceara Secretary of Tourism. Pinho will talk about how airports and various agents can cooperate with each other in order to do the best business.

It is projected that about 300 people in the industry will attend the event. The goal of this conference is to discuss how business can be made better, and how the aviation industry can improve in Brazil and the rest of Latin America. The conference will include six different themes, and will last 4 hours. It will be a great educational and professional experience for those who are involved.

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Guilherme Paulus is a household name within the Brazilian tourism industry. Him and others who have worked for his company, CVC, have received recognition for bringing business to various localities in Brazil. This company has been operating in Sera Gaucha for the past 30 years. To commemorate this fact, Guilherme Paulus and Valter Patriani have been given a plaque. The company, in general, has been operating for 47 years. Many years have gone by, but the dream of a great company still lives on and materializes on a daily basis. This is proven by the fact that it stands as the third largest company in the world relating to tourism. Guilherme Paulus believes that it is important that the tourism industry is recognized as being very important. It can contribute a lot to local and national economies, and must not be overlooked or looked down upon.


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