Fine dry frizzy- Wen by Chaz is good for all


WEN by Chaz is a popular hair care product line. Its focus is to help moisturize hair and bring it back to its intended state of healthiness. Emily over at Sephora did a week long experiment to see if Wen by Chaz could help her fine hair problems. Emily suffered from flat, lifeless, shine free hair which she was determined to change.

Wen hair products has four different yet equally important components to its line. The cleansing conditioner is used to clean hair while keeping its natural oils. Allowing the hair to become strong and manageable. Next there is the nourishing mousse. Keeping your hairstyle looking as fresh by the end of the day as when you began. The re-moist intensive hair treatment is a weekly treatment that will re-moisturize even the driest hair. Bringing it back to its intended soft and silky state. All of the products in the Wen hair care product line are made with natural ingredients. Ingredients like sweet almond oils, mint, shea butter and botanical extracts just to name a few.

Emily ended up choosing the fig version due to the fact that it promised to give her bounce, shine and moisture. The first day using it she was amazed at how well it seemed to have worked. Her hair was bouncy, shiny and even felt thicker. After a couple of days of evening showering she felt it best to use Wen in the mornings. By day seven she had developed a love-hate for WEN. While it did give her more bounce and shine she felt it was t



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