Dr. Mark McKenna is Out to Revolutionize Aesthetic Healthcare

New Orleans native, Dr. Mark McKenna, is a man of many talents, most notably in medicine and entrepreneurial pursuits. He is the CEO and founder of OVME and is licensed in surgery and medicine in both Florida and Georgia. Dr. Mark McKenna attended Tulane University Medical School to earn his medical degree and today he even has a Business Administration degree. At the start of Mark’s career, he was practicing with his father to improve in medicine where he developed a passion for patient rights and serving the community. It was also around this time that Dr. Mark McKenna took his entrepreneurial ideas seriously and he started up his own little real estate firm called McKenna Venture Investments. Mark’s company offered real estate financing, closing, and design services, which helped build him up a good portfolio.

Due to the unfortunate events of Hurricane Katrina which occurred in 2005, Dr. Mark McKenna was met with a great deal of loss in his business investments. This wouldn’t bring Mark down though as he was inspired and had new ideas despite the tragedy. After seeing what was left in the wake of the hurricane, Dr. Mark McKenna said it resembled a war zone, and this started his activity in rebuilding the town by buying up flooded and destroyed properties to have them restored and maintained to be lived in.

It was in 2007 that Mark decided he wanted to relocate to somewhere new, which ended up being Atlanta, Georgia. It was in Atlanta that Dr. Mark McKenna started up ShapeMed, which was a practice based on wellness and aesthetics. Due to his enterprises success, it was noticed by Life Time Fitness, which acquired the company in 2014. Mark’s latest endeavor is OVME, a company he founded in 2017, which is branded as an aesthetic medical company. Mark wants to revolutionize the healthcare industry with OVME, which will be a chain of medical offices that allow clients connect to them using an app. This innovative take on cosmetic healthcare will be coming soon this year.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smarkmckenna

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