Donate to Help NYC Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow, a New York City attorney, needs your help. Abelow’s goal is to raise $5,000 to support Homeless Animals in New York City shelters. Homeless animals are at risk of freezing to death especially when the temperature drops during the wintertime. These animals have no place to call home or no shelter to keep them warm. Abelow launched a GoFundMe campaign January 13, 2016 to help support these desperate animals in need and the shelters that care for these distressed animals.

The funds raised for the campaign will go to the local shelters to pay for blankets, food, vaccines and medical assistance. So many shelters are unable to take in additional distressed animal due to the lack of funds and some shelters do not have the capacity to take in additional homeless animals. These funds raised for this special cause will help NYC shelters support and find loving homes for these animals in need.

Raising money to help support distressed animal in New York City is close to Abelow’s heart. It is his mission to help as many homeless animals as he can.

Animal enthusiast and lovers of all animals can lend a hand by donating to this growing issue during the winter season and beyond. When you donate, you can rest assured there is one less homeless animal on the street, hungry or sick in New York City. These funds raised will help relieve some of the suffering of these distressed and vulnerable animals.

This New York attorney specializes in entertainment law, family law and commercial litigation. His peers and community respects Abelow. Where most lawyers specialize in one particular area of law, Abelow has demonstrated versatility and expertise across various fields effectively.

He is an active contributor to legal blogs, writes on his personal blog and people can find him actively on Mashable and Facebook.

Donate to help lonely, cold, hungry and homeless animals now:

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  1. He started the campaign after seeing firsthand the distressed animal in need throughout his community. Abelow is a partner at the law firm Abelow & Cassandro LLP. Theer are somethings that it also because of the way people fill about what is going in their lifes too.

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