Deafening Opulence Of Robert Ivy

On 2nd June 2018, Robert Ivy shall be the first architect from the 21st century, to be awarded by MIAL. He started off as an officer within the Navy in the United States. After his term in service, Mr. Robert Ivy proceeded to Sewanee, to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English and became a degree holder. He later on enrolled in Tulane University, where he attained a Masters of Architecture Degree.

MIAL is dedicated to awarding individuals who are creative and of massive impact to the society, within their areas of specialty. Those artists and art patrons who are deemed to be connected to Mississippi in any way, are termed as being eligible for appearance in the honorees’ list. This makes Robert Ivy’s candidature as a nominee, viable because he is a native of the land, therefore meeting the critical requirement. The MIAL institute is funded privately, and non-profit-making.

In 2001, Robert Ivy’s biography, “Fay Jones: Architectural,” was published and has since been edited thrice, having been dubbed of high magnitude in North America by The Art Library Society. In 2010, Robert Ivy’s work was seen as having a high active power of communicating the value of design. As a result, Robert became one of seven honorary recipients of Alpha Rho Chi, in the architectural history, which is now said to be 100 years.

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Since 2011, Robert has been the AIA’s CEO, author, and architect in practice. He was the chief editor of Architectural Records by McGraw-Hill. His presence, in return, attracted various awards, among them the General Excellence from National Magazine. Later on, Robert launched two versions in Mandarin and Middle East. In 2017, the Dean from the University Of Arkansas Fay Jones School Of Architecture gave him an honorary award of a Medal.

Carl Elefante, AIA president, recognized Robert as an ambassador of the architectural profession. Besides, the MIAL president, Nancy LaForge, states that Robert deserves the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Awards because his work creates a universal extension of making architectural works available. Through him, AIA has seen a rapid increment in membership ever experienced in the history of the Institution, which is currently dated 160 years old. Architects around the world are now being aided by global chapters of AIA in their practice. Seven, to be more precise. This is inclusive of the new branches that have been implemented in China and Canada.

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