Could Betsy DeVos Be Redeemable To Some Liberals?

Is there any case to be made to liberals that Betsy DeVos is actually the kind of person that they could trust? It may seem to be an incredibly difficult case to make on the surface of things. She was appointed by a President that liberals detest. She also has advocated for issues that liberals don’t agree with her entire life. However, there may still be some redeeming qualities about her that make at least some on the left give her a second look over.


She Is Better On LGBT Issues Than Some


It is hard to deny that Betsy DeVos is better on LGBT issues than some Republicans when you hear about how she let an LGBT group know ahead of time that there was going to be a change coming down from the Trump Administration regarding bathroom policies in public schools as they relate to LGBT students. She let them know that this was not a change that she personally agreed with, and she just wanted to give them advance warning that this was going to happen.


Moments like that point to a Betsy DeVos character that is not exactly the person that the media sometimes makes her out to be. She does speak up when she believes that something is wrong.


History Of Charitable Giving


The DeVos family has billions of dollars to its name. They have plenty of resources to donate to anything and anyone that they see fit. They have taken the opportunity to do exactly that with some of their charitable pledges. They have helped to build up their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan in particular to make it into something that is more intellectually diverse than it was before.


Going through Grand Rapids, you are bound to notice quite a few buildings with the DeVos name on them. These are all the result of the charity that the family has given to those locations to allow them to exist at all. There are new art museums, medical centers, and so much more downtown now than there was before.


Listening To Others


The final reason why some liberals may want to give Betsy DeVos a chance is because she takes the time to listen to others. One of the first things that she did as the new Secretary of Education was request meetings with the top two teacher’s unions representatives. She was refused by one who didn’t see the meeting as having any merit. However, the other one met with her and had productive conversations. That is the kind of thing that lets you know that Betsy DeVos is not just a standard political figure. She has some flexibility in her image and personality.


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