The Beautiful Landscapes of the Alaska Wilderness

One of our world’s last frontiers is also home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes and majestic wildlife. Alaska remains primarily undeveloped and contains many pristine natural wilderness areas. Bristol Bay / Lake Iliamna are both hugely popular with sports fishermen and are close enough to many other wonderful areas via plane. The area is beyond incredible and has some of the best trout, Arctic Char, and salmon fishing in existence. The Bristol Bay area is currently under threat of development, but many organizations have come forward to protect its beauty. The work of preservationists and proprietors of local eco-tourism spots have been successful in keeping this special area as pristine as possible.


Alaskans are committed to protecting the Bay and its production of 14,000 jobs in the salmon industry that exist along the headwaters of Bristol Bay. The state is generally mining friendly, however, it has been determined that the ecosystem surrounding the Bay is too important to risk. The area has embraced sustainability and eco-tourism in support of the many efforts to preserve the wilderness. Bristol Bay remains one of the favorite destinations of sport-fishermen the world over.


One of the continued preservation initiatives of WildArk is the Alaska Sportsman Lodge. This destination allows fishing in the ever popular Kvichak River and also offers day and half-day trips to nearby Lake Iliamna. The lodge also has several float planes and can take guests to many pristine fishing spots. All fishing excursions come with a guide and guests have the option to stay on the River or venture further afield, whatever their inclination.


The lodge itself blends well into its surroundings and is a beautiful cedar chalet-style structure consisting of 3,500 square feet. The surroundings may be rustic but the Alaskan Sportsman Lodge has considered every possible need of their guests. In addition to the main lodge, there are three duplex cabins as well as a guest cottage and wood-burning sauna that will help guests deepen their relaxation. This is the place to contribute to the preservation of this wonderful area of the world and enjoy some active eco-tourism.


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