How Orange Coast College is Taking Recycling Serious

Recently, Orange Coast College (OCC) completed the building of a vast recycling plant and opened it to the public. The facility took over a year to complete and cost over $7 million. The recycling unit covers roughly five acres and handles a number of recycling activities. The OCC staff members marked the launching of the project with an eventful celebration.

The Recycling Milestones

OCC began the provision of recycling services 40 years ago. However, their past recycling services were done under small scale. The new plant outlines a massive milestone in the college’s recycling portfolio. The plant is five times larger than the initial recycling facility, and is characterized with offices, meeting area, special rooms, and shower system. The facility is opened to the public every single day. Visitors to the site can easily pack their vehicles as the plant’s parking lot is able to accommodate about 45 cars.

Recycling Services and Benefits

The community of Southern California and its surrounding come to the OCC recycling center to drop materials that they don’t need for recycling. Commonly recycled materials include glass containers, aluminum cans, tins, metal scraps, plastic, magazines, cardboard, clothes, and electronics. The staff is able to compensate the visitors who bring in the materials. They are offered money for the exchange. Overall, the recycling plant is able to help the locals free up waste products and be able to earn from them.

About Orange Coast College

OCC is a community institution located in Orange County, California. The college was established in 1947 but started operations in 1948. OCC provides a two-year associate science and art degree courses, certificates, and lower division transfer courses. The college has enrolled over 24,000 students in its programs. In respect to population size, the institute is the third largest in the county. To the California community, the college is important as it creates jobs to the citizens through the establishment of major projects such as the recycling unit.


Generally, Orange Coast College has experienced massive growth since its founding. Other than education, the college is of enormous benefit to the California community. The launching of the recycling unit has created different opportunities to the people around Orange County. Learn more: