USMR Forcecast: 2018

U.S. Reserve, a precious metals industry standard that works intently with silver, gold, and platinum, recently released a sort of forecast for the 2018 year in gold and silver investment.

Published by John Rothans, the review paints many of the near-future advantages coming to the bullion market, along with a few pitfalls to keep an eye on for any investors in precious metals.

Gold’s Recent Record

Gold in 2017 was promising, if not that exciting. It held steady, immune to much of the high and low spikes that most metals experienced. Read more: US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook | PRNewswire and US Money Researve | Instagram

This was in light of the many crises that plagued 2017, such as tensions involving North Korea, or economic turbulence such as the Bitcoin explosion. Such stability is a strength going forward.

Predictions and Risk Factors for Gold

A number of analysts are anticipating prices for gold to fluctuate from lows around $1200 to a peak of around $1500 an ounce on the outside, making more median pricing around $1350 an ounce for 2018. If gold did rise above $1400 an ounce, it would the first time in five years. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The forecast predicts no significant changes to gold production, but also no significant new sources of gold set to appear in the coming year, meaning there could be a small drop off in supply. Most importantly, the U.S. Dollar is predicted to have a weak year, which always plays well for gold prices.

Silver’s Recent Record

Silver climbed quite high in 2017 but suffered from a massive crash later in the year. On the whole analysts seem to agree following that crash, silver should be set for a more steady climb in 2018. At the least, there is no expected devaluation in silver for 2018.

Predictions and Risk Factors for Silver

Most of the analysts referenced in the forecast see steady, slow rises in silver prices, with lows of $15.60 an ounce to highs that approach $19.00 an ounce. The most median pricing comes around $18.00 an ounce for a high in 2018.

There is disagreement among the analysts in what the supply side of silver will be. When the supply market is too close to call, that means investors should be keeping an eye on announcements of new silver deposits.

Tech industries like solar panel manufacturers are large consumers of silver, and their prosperity will translate to silver.