Hot to Use Wikipedia Effectively

Cyber bullying is one of the predominant disadvantages of using the internet for most people. There are many bigots hiding behind their computer screens typing hard on their computer keyboard to come up with content that is meant to abuse, belittle other online users that may appear vulnerable or easy to prey on. Therefore it is necessary to stand up to this caliber of people. 

One of the people who have been on the receiving end of cyber bullying is Emily Temple. Having been a Wikipedia user for almost a decade, the Biology student has been the recipient of insults that are outright offensive on her person. Unfortunately, most of the insults that she has received border on her person as a woman and not general criticisms of the work that she may have posted. Although infuriated by the constant bashing from some of the male users on Wikipedia she chose to completely ignore them and remained a contributor. In addition to this, she would create or update a Wiki page for a female scientist every time she was bullied to send a message of positivity despite the abuse she received.  

Eventually she decided to stand up to these gender bigots by creating awareness against bullying on Wikipedia by coming up with an idea of creating Wikipedia pages to honor and appreciate successful women scientist who had made significant contribution to the advancement of science in different scientific fields in 2012. This would see scientists who had previously received little or no recognition have Wikipedia pages documenting their lives and their contribution to science. Her contribution hasn’t gone unnoticed as she has received praise from different people including men showing support for the cause in which she had undertaken to do. 

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