Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is located in Sussex, UK. The organization provides in-house healthcare for seniors with Dementia or those that require specialized services. The healthcare organization also provides in-house services for other adults with learning disabilities or physical disabilities.

The CEO of this high quality in-house health care group is Amanda Morgan-Taylor. The Sussex Healthcare staff and new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor provides top quality service to client’s family members that require personalized in-house care at one of their care homes. The staff at the organization is skilled and well trained to take great care of the people that reside in the care homes.

Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare has been providing personalized care and a safe environment for individuals in their homes for 25 years. The perfect candidate for a job opening at Sussex Healthcare is a kind, caring, and compassionate individual that truly enjoys providing personalized care to the people in the group of homes managed by the organization. Sussex Healthcare believes the best way to recruit new people to work for the organization is to invest in the people that they hire. For example, Sussex Healthcare provides new workers with the required education and training that will make it easy for them to provide the highest quality of care to people residing in their care homes.

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Unique Benefits
Sussex Healthcare offers their staff a very welcomed combination of unique benefits. These unique benefits serve to attract the best talent for their organization. The organizations benefit package includes a pension, free uniforms, free transportation, reduced rate accommodations, in house training, meals, paid breaks, and a great opportunity for career advancement within the Sussex Healthcare organization.

Current Job Opportunities
Sussex Healthcare regularly posts new job openings on their job website. Included here are a few of their current job listings.

Senior Care Assistant – Friendly people required to work with dementia patients

Deputy Care Home Manager – Coordinate management

Driver – Transport home care users

Housekeepers – Domestic staff cleaners

Administrator – Assist in daily operations at the home

Registered Mental Health Nurse – Deliver personal care to those in care homes

If you are serious about starting a healthcare career, start today by requesting more information about the job openings at the Sussex Healthcare website. Don’t forget to sign up for their email alerts that will provide you with important information about new job listings.

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Healthcare Staffing Exec Brian Torchin Says Outlook Looks Promising

Healthcare staffing executive, Brian Torchin, predicts the outlook for workers in 2017 looks promising. “The demand in the healthcare sector is very strong and rising,” said Torchin.

This sector is one of the fastest growing industries for the economy, yet the ongoing high demand has been creating a strain for leaders, certainly putting staffing agencies like HCRC front and center. There’s currently a shortage across the board for workers.

Founded in 2007, Healthcare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) became a leading staffing agency that connects dedicated employees with talented healthcare employers.

Torchin recognized the limitations of other staffing agencies and became dedicated in offering a comprehensive solution to organizations facing shortages.

The company provides allied healthcare professionals to facilities nationwide. “It’s a cost-effective solution for clients that are seeking timely workforce solutions,” says Torchin. Since 2007, HCRC has enjoyed an expanded portfolio of medical staffing services they offer, like nurse practitioners, office and billing managers, doctors and dentists, just to name a few.

Brian Torchin says he expects the demand for healthcare staffing to increase and his staffing agency will be integral filling temporary and permanent positions. “Whether you’re a small office or a large hospital facility requiring professionals, HCRC can connect you with temporary or permanent solutions,” says Torchin. Learn more about more Brian Torchin:

Organizations are finding one of the benefits of using staffing agencies is the recruitment process is streamlined and there is less absenteeism. Quick turn-around time to filling positions have also spearheaded the jump towards staffing agencies.

“Attrition is always an issue and a critical problem in the healthcare industry, however, staffing agencies have a roster of qualified professionals, customized to meet every criteria,” Torchin points out.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin has over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, most recently serving as President and CEO of HCRC Staffing. Brian Torchin has a background in chiropractic and sports medicine and has helped medical offices set up and staff their facilities.

With a degree in sports medicine and physical therapy from the University of Delaware, Torchin continued to the New York Chiropractic College, becoming a licensed chiropractor, and committed medical professional.