Norman Pattiz

As the saying goes, do not sell the steak, sell the sizzle. The services that Norman Pattiz and PodcastOne provide are a living testament to this little truth. And, through a collaboration with Edison Reasearch, there is strong evidence that supports that fact.

Edison Research Vice President of Strategy, Tom Webster, stands by the results of before-and-after studies that focus on brand lifting, which refers to how well potential consumers recall a product before and after a campaign runs for a while. The studies for which these two captains of industry are collaborators focuses on five different products and service categories.

The results of these studies are both simple in their findings and positive in nature, for business proprietors. For starters, the numbers of listeners to mention a specific grocery brand after a campaign run jumps from 7 to 60 per cent. And, those jumps are across the board with financial services seeing increases of 47 per cent, 37 per cent for automobiles and 24 per cent for lawn and garden products.

Even the consumer opinions towards market industries improved to about 33 per cent from 18 before campaign runs. That includes improved opinions for lawn service products up to 22 per cent from 16. In addition, the already popular automobile market sees a boost from 60 per cent to 76.

This data comes from three different studies conducted on behalf of PodCast by Edison Research. The studies’ purposes are twofold in that of the five major brands mentioned in campaigns some of them are very popular and want to test new marketing strategies. At the same time, lessor known brand names want to see what methods of advertisement can garnish them more attention in the future.

The method of data collection, when it comes to surveying the respondents, is online surveys. The timing of these surveys come after 4-6 weeks of Podcast advertising. And, the results show that audiences are listening. More importantly, this data also suggests that they willing to patron the businesses and purchase the products mentioned in campaigns.

As the founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz is focused on innovative advertising, and his business model stands traditional methods on their heads. He achieves this innovation by involving himself in everything that happens within his company.

This includes signing new talent, handling the sales involved with advertising, and overseeing the technological aspects that arise from from growing a business.

It is all about the implementation of good ideas and getting things done on time, if not sooner. Norman says the key to implementation is to be the first one in the door to punch the clock and the last one out to do the same. His biggest heroes in business are Bill Paley, Steve Ross and Dan Miller who happens to be Pattiz’ first boss in media sales.

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