Tiffany Muller And End Citizens United Lead Democrats Towards 2018 Elections

End Citizens United’s Big Money 20 list recently marked out a prominent name: Paul Ryan. The Big Money 20 is a list of Republicans who accept large donations from wealthy individuals corporations. With Paul Ryan’s announcement that he will not seek reelection. The members of this list are challenged by politicians who are backed by End Citizens United.

Jacky Rosen is the End Citizens United backed politician that is trying to de-seat Senator Dean Heller of Nevada; Beto O’Rourke is taking on Ted Cruz of Texas; and Katie Porter is challenging Mimi Walters for her seat in the House of Representatives.

In addition to the above mentioned potential Senators and Representatives endorsed by End Citizens United they also endorse local politicians. Richard Ojeda has been endorsed by End Citizen’s United. Ojeda is currently campaigning for West Virginia’s 3rd district. Liz Watson out of Indiana’s 9th district is also endorsed by End Citizens United.

End Citizens United doesn’t lobby for pharmaceuticals, the gun business, or any other industry. They are support certain politicians for a simpler reason: to reverse the Citizens United decision.

This Supreme Court decision furthered the consideration of corporations as people, allowing them to donate near limitless amounts of cash to political candidates. End Citizen’s United believes this is the wrong way to handle a democracy, and they are working to reverse this decision. End Citizens United is working to reverse this decision through the only way possible political action. The organization can’t convince the Supreme Court to reverse the decision, but they can endorse politicians that refuse corporate donations, de-seating politicians who do.

Tiffany Muller is the current President and Executive Director of End Citizens United, overseeing the operations and making important decision that could affect America’s politics for years to come.

Muller made waves during her time in local politics, coming out as gay in 2004 and becoming the first openly gay member of Kansas’s local politics.

Tiffany Muller was educated at the University of Maryland and Washburn University.

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The Open Society Foundations Keeps Democracy Going

In our world that is pushed forward by clumsy politics, there are individual powerhouses that are so influential that all fear their clout and influence. Many of these movers and shakers are known by the common voter. A good example is the founder of the Open Society Foundations, George Soros. George Soros is passionate about his liberal beliefs and has been since his time at the London School of Economics. Once he received his economics degree, he founded and grew the Soros Fund Management hedge fund. This business would eventually give him $25.2 billion for a net worth.

He would give $14 billion to start the Open Society Foundations more than 30 years ago. Just this last year, he gave another $18 billion to help the Open Society Foundation in its mission to spread democracy throughout Asia and Euro-Asia. The Open Society Foundations existed to grow and embolden fledgling democracies around the globe. They were strengthened by the Open Society Foundations by receiving economic aid that was then used to jump-start a free market economy.

George Soros would also use the Open Society to enforce democracy in the good ol’ USA. This all began in 2004. During this time, George W. Bush was president, and he had led us into two unnecessary wars that completely destabilized the Middle East. George Soros knew that this had to stop. To make things better, we needed a change in the presidency. George Soros gave largest donation ever in the realm of politics. Soros would give Kerry a $27 million gift to help him gain the White House. Unfortunately, this was not enough to fully sway the polls. While John Kerry won the popular vote that year, George Bush won the electorate.

In 2008, George Soros would return to the realm of politics and attempt to put another Democrat in the White House. During this election cycle, George Soros had a difficult decision to make. He had to either back his longtime friend, Hillary Clinton, or he could back the candidate that truly had the heart of the people, Barrack Obama. In the end, he put the party first and backed Barrack Obama. After Obama’s first term, Soros soured upon him. He did not feel Barrack had pushed strong liberal agenda like he promised. However, after the second term, Soros grew happier seeing the liberal change that Obama was bringing.

George Soros wanted to keep the momentum going forward, so he bankrolled the campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton. During this time, the Democratic Party was nearly bankrupt. George Soros helped them out by giving $25 million to the DNC. This was used primarily for Clinton’s campaign. Soros gave an additional $1.5 million to be used for democratic senators fighting in close races.

Hillary Clinton would lose that election to Donald Trump. However, George Soros would continue to fight Donald Trump by using the Open Society Foundations to fund and organize grassroots protests and marches across the United States of America.

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