Why Paul Mampilly Says Blockchain Technology A Slow-Growing Smart Investment

Close to 25 years, research and investment analyst, Paul Mampilly has been alerting investors to arising opportunities, and accurately forecasting industry resources. It’s earned him a trusted reputation with a diverse client base. Recently, Mampilly offered some pearls of wisdom about blockchain technology, and in a published article he discussed how blockchain can further optimize data security, thus diminishing the control of hackers.

Changing The Landscape Of IT

As IT environments become more open and diverse, and threats become more complex, it becomes urgent for companies to be able to validate identities transactions. However, as Paul Mampilly points out, our governance mechanisms are complex and consume a lot of resources, making processes more cumbersome. We must simplify the validation at each step of a transaction to make it impossible to steal an identity, and the answer to this is blockchain.

Currently IT, security, auditing, and just about every corporate digital function is struggling to provide sufficient protection for data and transactions. We need a new revolution of security, says Mampilly, and blockchain is encrypted and tamper-proof. The technology provides an unprecedented level of security, and companies can control virtually any process or transaction. While the technology is still young, interest is in full-swing, and Mampilly says investors should take notice in small companies that are looking to adopt this technology because there is a lot of room for growth.

Combing Blockchain With Microchips

Can blockchain become a mega-trend? Paul Mampilly says embedded microchips that use blockchain technology could change the way we live. The technology has the effect of limiting security vulnerabilities because of the way blockchain unlocks data. The framework is already being used in healthcare.

Mampilly also points out the investment opportunities. One such company, STMicroelectronics, is being touted as a slow-growing smart investment for the future. He says investors should think about where decentralization makes sense because investments will certainly be necessary.

A former research analyst and portfolio manager with Deutsche Asset Management, and Kinetics Asset Management, Paul Mampilly draws on his knowledge and experience to bring the best in investing opportunities. He is a feature editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and manages several well-known newsletters like Profits Unlimited, and Rapid Profit Trader.

Enjoy reading the latest market developments and Mampilly’s warnings and recommendations on his website.

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Stream Energy: Channeling Aid To Those They Already Service Within Communities

Hurricane Season is presently on hand along the Atlantic seaboard and Gulf of Mexico neighboring states Among other aspects regarding Stream Energy’s philanthropy programs they are a part of, disaster assistance is a major part of these, and just in time it would seem.

When Hurricane Harvey ravaged the gulf states last year, Stream Energy was on hand to help with homeless and displaced victims with their Stream Cares program; so it would appear they have the right tools and experience to tackle the extreme weather conditions that appear towards late summer/early autumn seasons in those regions most affected.

Stream Energy is a direct-selling and life-connected company based in Dallas, Texas that is also familiar with the region since they have reportedly doing business there for at least 20 years. Their employees-numbering up to about 500-are titled Direct Associates and seem to have the freedom to pursue various causes they firmly believe in from their hearts involving the Texas communities primarily and other regional locations, according the company’s profile in Linkedin.

Stream Cares is their newest venture, but they have other Outreach programs in place as well that work with organizations such as Hope Supply Company that assist in providing food, clothing, supplies and shelter for those displaced during a catastrophe or caught in the bind of everyday economic struggles. Other organizations include Habitat For Humanity, Salvation Army, Red Cross and the American Doll franchise.

There are over thousands of global firms known for their community and charity programs, but Stream Energy boasts that because of their normal operations involving their Independent Agents that deal with their clients directly and within their familiar locales, programs like Stream Cares are more intimate and direct in many aspects to these communities in need.

This would seemingly put a face on the very organization itself; for the Independent Agents themselves seem to be on the street and face-front with the communities they work with as it is, whether in Outreaches or general business transactions. This would provide incalculable feedback to directors and potentially speedier responses one could presume during crisis situations most notably.

With the weather patterns seemingly volatile and unpredictable of late, such a direct and rapid response by companies like Stream Energy with their Stream Cares foundation, would be considered most ideal from now and into the future.


JHSF Leads In The Brazilian Real Estate Sector

Jose Auriemo Neto is the chairman and CEO of a company known as JHSF. This is the biggest real estate company in Brazil. It is one of the companies that has been in the industry long enough and has changed the real estate landscaped in the country. Today there are high-end properties in main cities such as Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus courtesy of JHSF. The company is determined to make Brazil a hub of the best real estate properties in South America. Since it was created, it has engaged in numerous projects targeting the highest earners in the country.

JHSF has invested in other areas outside Brazil. They have investments in the United States and Uruguay. This is just the beginning of what will be a global expansion of company targeting development in numerous places around the world.

JHSF is leading by coming up with innovations that will lead to the development of highly advanced buildings which are using the latest technology as well as taking advantage of the numerous environmentally friendly solutions that are incorporated in the buildings. With these technological developments, the company is creating sustainable projects that utilize green sources of energy. JHSF has even been recognized for applying sustainable solutions in the development of projects.

JHSF has been performing well due to the impact of the leadership of the company which is led by chairman and CEO of the firm named Jose Auriemo Neto. Neto has been in the business for the past two decades. He has helped the company gain ground in the real estate sector by ensuring that they are always ahead of others companies from the country. By ensuring that they have the most innovative building technology and techniques they are able to maintain their position in the industry. Jose Auriemo Neto is the brain behind the growth of JHSF, and through his guidance, the company will move into being one of the best in the world.

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Jeunesse: Improve your Skin Foundation Using APT-200, NV

APT-200, NV

APT-200, NV is a skin care product that is made by the company with the aim of making individuals look beautiful. It is manufactured with an exclusive Jeunesse formula that makes it a unique product that cannot be found in other skincare manufacturing and selling organizations. It is worth highlighting that beauty through the skin has become trendy and clothes only cannot make you look fashionable. One has to add an extra facial aspect that makes him or her stand out among other people. APT-200, NV is that extra beautifying agent that will significantly increase your stakes in a beauty context because it demonstrates your skillful arts in applying skin care products that have an immediate impact on your skin.


The skin-nourishing foundation is a key component of APT-200, NV which makes a better option for people who are looking forward to nourishing the skins. It is important to highlight that our skins experience various health hazards as they are in direct contact with harmful rays from the sun and other radiating objects within our environment. The skin also acts as the most external part of our body that protects internal organs from harmful gases, bacteria, and dust.


Therefore, we are required to apply products that can enhance our skins and improve their foundations. Other vital components available in APT-200, NV include bronzer and primer. These additions give your skin an enviable appearance while at the same time making it look like it has had an airbrush finish


About Jeunesse

Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray are the founders of Jeunesse, a multinational organization that uses innovative technology to develop skin care products and nutritional supplements that have been helping individuals around the world to solve various problems. One of the primary purposes of the products designed by this organization is to enhance the beauty of individuals through skin care products that provide a fresh and youthful face. Besides, Jeunesse uses innovation to develop and sell dietary supplements that are geared towards improving the overall health of the body. Today, the company is operating in more than 130 countries while it has physical offices and staffs in around 32 countries which explains its radical expansion.



Whitney Wolfe Thinks Like an App User

A great number of people are utilizing apps like Bumble to improve the amount of contacts that they’re able to meet. Some people are using the app that Whitney Wolfe created for dating. Others have transitioned into Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz where they are not looking for love connections but connections for the world of business networking and friendship building.

It is to your advantage to connect with a company that is going to provide a possibility for different aspects of growing a business. There are a lot of people that are looking at the best way to create more opportunities for your business, and Bumble is the company that is providing these network social settings to do so.

Whitney Wolfe has been on television and worked in conferences where she has spoken about her desire to help female entrepreneurs reach out to others that may be trying to build more business opportunities.

People that are utilizing an app like Bumble are going to find that it is one of the easiest ways to build opportunities for your business with people that maybe in your same geographical location. Whitney Wolfe uses the same formula of the geographical location to help those that are interested in finding dates as well.

Wolfe is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. She is the wife of Michael Herd. She has been associated with being the wife of a business tycoon, and Wolfe has also been associated as the co-founder of Tinder. These are all different areas where she has had her name associated with other people, but Bumble tends to be something that is Whitney Wolfe and Whitney Wolfe alone. This makes her stand out as an entrepreneur that has access to her own app environment.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs that are taking on apps, but Wolfe knows that it is to her advantage to create an app that gives her access to customers that want something new. She knows that she can keep her customers satisfied by thinking more like an app user than thinking like a technical guru. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App

Three Tips For Every First Time Rep That Works With Market America

Selling is a big part of what you do at Marker America. You are not just selling anything. You are selling technology. You are going to get clients who will automatically buy what you offer. You are going to come across clients who need to be poked and prodded a little bit more.

A former Market America Rep has been gracious enough to offer some special tips to help you first-time reps. These tips are designed to help make your job of selling somewhat easier.

1) Start identifying your goals and what you want to achieve.

“You got to have a goal. Do you have a goal?”

Kit, Pretty Woman 1990

You cannot move forward in Market America unless you know who you are and what you want out of your place in the company. You cannot just say you want to make money. Everyone wants to make money. Your goals need to be more specific and more in tune with your personality. You cannot become a success unless you know who you are and what you can bring to the company.

2) You need to know that selling is not an art form. You might have heard that before, but you need to listen. Selling is as much a part of science and technology as the products are. You cannot treat every customer the same. Every customer brings you something new and different. You will interact with every customer differently. It is a process. Their needs are just as important as yours.

3) You need to focus on the clients in Market America who want to buy. This method is the cornerstone of your business. You cannot waste your time on people who do not really have an interest.

Plant the seed. Some of the seeds are going to grow. Others will remain lifeless in Market America. The clients who want to buy are going to be your bread and butter. The others ones are just going to be icing on the cake.



Aloha Construction

Each year, the different divisions of the Better Business Bureau that are scattered across the state of Illinois, choose business to award the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics to. These companies must meet stringent criteria that is set forth by the Better Business Bureau and they are chosen by a panel of judges. This year one of those recipients was Aloha Construction and it is an honor that they more than deserve.

In order to qualify for the award, the companies selected must be meeting six criteria and they are that the leaders of the company demonstrate ethical practices so that their employees are positively influenced; that leaders communicate in a way in which high character ethics are promoted within the company; that the company leaders have beliefs that unify their company’s employees as a whole; that the management of the company implements exceptional management practices; that the company values its employees and has human resources practices in place that significantly benefit employees; and that the company is and has demonstrated a commitment to the community that surrounds it.

Aloha Construction meets all those criteria in more than one way. Aloha Construction is a quality construction company that is family owned and operated. It provides construction service to residents of Illinois, as well as southern Wisconsin. Services that the company provides its customers include roofing of all different materials, siding, and the installation of gutter systems. When completing such projects, Aloha Construction offers something that many other construction companies do not and that is a 10-year craftsmanship warranty on its roofing jobs. Recently, the company has also expanded to complete remodeling jobs, as well as restoration jobs after fire and water damage has occurred.

Aloha Construction only hires individuals who are highly trained to completed the construction jobs that they take on. In addition, the company makes sure that their employees are constantly given updated training as needed on new materials and techniques that enter into the industry. Its charitable efforts in the community are exceptional, as they have many projects that they have a hand in that benefit the community including partnering with the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club. Aloha Construction is just approaching the area of construction jobs with a completely different approach than other companies.


Fortress Investment Group Loans Kushner Corportation Development Funds

Fortress Investment Group is well known across the world is one of the leading companies in alternative asset management. While it is universally regarded as one of the leading figures in this industry today, it was not that long ago that the company was originally founded. In 1998 the five principal members of the company launched the corporation. This includes principal founding members Wes Edens and Pete Bridger. The members of the administrative staff of this corporation all had experience in the finance industry prior to launching their own private equity investment firm. From 1998 to 2006 the company experienced incredible growth and had managed to grow its assets by almost 40%. It became the nation’s first publicly traded private equity company in 2007 whenever it held its initial public offering with the help of underwriting by Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers.

Fortress Investment Group has gone on to continue its growth and in 2017 was purchased by technology giant in Japan Softbank group Corporation. Fortress Investment Group continues to make waves in the world of finance as it helps investments across the world in a number of industries. Most recently one of the real estate companies that are owned by Jared Kushner received financial assistance from Fortress Investment Group in the form of a $57 million loan that will go to assist a two-tower development in the state of New Jersey. While the total cost of this project is expected to exceed far the $57 million that Fortress Investment Group has loaned the project development fund this is a start in order to help get the project off of the ground. According to the New Jersey, economic development Authority in 2015 eight project development manager projected costs of around $124 million in debt and an additional $71 million in equity.

The plans for this project development call for the construction of two towers that are both 56 stories tall and will house a total of 1500 residential apartments. The transaction for this loan was concluded in October of last year. Jared Kushner is the son-in-law of the current president Donald Trump. He stepped down from his position as Chief Executive Officer whatever he joined the administrative staff of president Donald Trump in order to avoid conflict of interest charges. The construction project has had several significant problems over the last several years including the loss of one of its nature core tenets and millions of dollars that were lost in tax breaks due to a dissolving of the relationship with the city’s mayor prior to the election 2017. While there have been rumors that the project is experiencing more difficulties the appearance of a new loan to help fund the project indicates that it may be moving forward. Softbank group Corporation purchased Fortress Investment Group and had yet to make a public statement in regards to their support of the project development in the state of New Jersey. Fortress Investment Group has done several business deals with Jared Kushner in the past including transactions with Kushner credit opportunity fund.

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Aloha constructions; The Company That Reigns When It Storms

Aloha constructions is a family owned company made up of bonded and insured general contractors. They are considered to be the leading construction company that provides roofing and siding services. They pride themselves in being reliable and trust worthy in their service.

Being a family owned company, they pride themselves in tradition. Over the years, they have developed a tradition of delivering quality services and will settle for nothing less. This has seen them become a customer’s favourite ahead of their competition. They have also developed a culture of service and are known to hold an annual charitable activity. Each year, they look for children in the neighbourhood and involve them in a shopping spree. They look at the activity as a chance to serve the community they are in by helping children.

Why choose Aloha constructions?

Aloha constructions has over 1800 jobs in its pocket. This is proof that they can handle different designs, clients and beat all kinds of deadlines. In addition to the numbers, their stuff have years of experience in roofing and siding. This guarantees you, the client, quality service.

They play by the rules

One thing about roofing, especially of it is repair, is that you might not be there every day to supervise the workers. Even if you are there, it will be almost impossible to keep track of all the workers and keep an eye on the. Therefore, it is important that the company you contract be trustworthy. Aloha constructions was awarded by BBB as the most ethical company towards its employees, clients and community. Therefore, when contracting Aloha, the least of your worries is your property or the safety of the people working on your property. They always play by the rule because they care about you.

Become a part of something bigger

Apart from making profit as a business, Aloha constructions are dedicated to giving back to the community. They don’t just give jobs to the locals; they make a point of organizing charity events every year. The most popular and eagerly awaited is the annual shopping spree where children get to shop on aloha’s account. By working with Aloha constructions, you get to impact the community that surrounds it as well.

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