The most powerful organizations in the fight for human rights

The Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are examples of people whose rights were taken away from them. Having no security and power, the journalists found themselves on the wrong side with the authorities.

After writing an article exposing the deals of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the two journalists were arrested as if there were no laws protecting them. The Sheriff used his influence and power to get things done his way.

He got the gentlemen arrested for a case that did not deserve an arrest. On top of this, the gentlemen were manhandled from their homes at night without the knowledge of the reasons for their arrest.

After winning the case against the sheriff, the journalists used their entire compensation to fund different activities of human rights.

The American Civil Liberties Union

The Civil Liberties Union is one of the organizations that have taken charge to oversee the operations of the other human rights organizations. The Union brings together organizations with different roles where their interests can be equally protected. Read more: Jim Larkin |

The United States have different people with different needs. The needs of the citizens may be affected by the decisions and the policies created by the government. The Union brings all the groups together in the bid of fighting for a common cause.

The Association of the people of colour in America

For decades, the people of colour have suffered in the hands of the other races. The distribution of resources has been poor, and most people of colour have been treated as second-class citizens. Read more: Jim Larkin |

The Association of the people of colour has been in operation since 1987 with a specific purpose of liberating the people of colour from these problems.

The group does not champion for better treatment. Its main concern is equality in treatment and the resource distribution. The people of colour deserve a chance just like the rest to create an economic space in the country.

The Amnesty International

The Amnesty International is one of the most effective human rights groups in the world today. The group champions for recognition of all the existing human rights so that their operations can be accepted worldwide. The influence of the Amnesty International has been great.

Currently, the organization has more than 2.2 million supporters. Most of the operations are supported by the common citizens who share the same ideologies. The group is very active in the United States, Europe, Africa, Australia and some parts of Asia.

Learn more about Michael and Lacey:

Marc Sparks is very proud of Spark Tank

The economy is constantly growing, but it will only continue to grow if smart businessmen continue to work hard. Each new business gives the economy more strength because it adds a new and exciting product to the marketplace, while it employs people. The world needs more businesses, and Marc Sparks is constantly working to add new voices to the marketplace.

Marc Sparks has been a businessman his entire life. He is attracted to the thrill of developing an idea to the point that it produces a profit. Throughout his career, Marc has owned several wonderful companies in many different industries.

He’s been heavily involved in the telecoms, venture capital, and portfolio management companies. Marc knows that entrepreneurial spirit helps America grow stronger, and he wants more people to start their own companies. Marc’s latest project is aimed at bringing more entrepreneurs into the fold.

Marc has always wanted start-ups to be successful, and he has launched many programs aimed at young companies. For example, Marketing Sparks was aimed at helping young ad companies reach new heights. Marc Sparks knows that a small amount of funding can make a huge difference for a young company, and he is always happy to help. His latest program, Spark Tank, takes his idea of funding young start-ups to the world of philanthropy.

The private sector can solve many problems, and charities play a huge role in this problem solving. Marc Sparks knew that venture capitalism plays a positive role in the free market, and he wanted to see it serve a similar role for charities. He launched Spark Tank recently, and he knows it will play a huge role in years to come.

Spark Tank runs on a very simple concept. Take the concept that makes start ups so strong, and apply it to charities. People with brilliant ideas that can help society as a whole should come forward to present their ideas. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

A panel of experts asks the group one major question. What would you do with $5,000? The panel closes examines each answer to determine which proposals will offer the most social good.

During this time the panel can ask any question. The process is straightforward and allows many charities to get the funding they desire. Read more: Brian Bonar | Whitepages

Spark Tank has already successfully funded several programs. For example, the program recently funded a program called Dogs Matter, which helps hundreds of dogs every year. Marc Sparks is extremely proud of the progress offered by the program.