Avanca CMO Reviews Experience with “NewsWatch TV”

“NewsWatch TV” has helped a variety of tech businesses. Among them is Avanca International, a Dutch company that is growing rapidly across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Available on the AMC Network and Ion Television, “NewsWatch TV” is a program which covers issues of entertainment and consumer news, with a particular emphasis on new technology. It often features satellite media tours and video news releases, and has had a slew of celebrity guests over the years. It has also been honored with prizes such as the Marcom Award, the Videographer Award and the Silver Telly Award.

The series began back in 1990 as a financial news program before changing to its current TV news magazine format. Its current segments including Tech Report (which began in April 2011) and AppWatch (May 2012). The program often features representatives of companies who come to discuss their products; these organizations range from Fortune 500 corporations to small up-and-comers.

In one testimonial review, “NewsWatch TV” host Andrew Tropeano talks with Nathalie van Wijkvliet, the chief marketing officer of Avanca, about her experiences with the show.

“The team is great, the support is good, the interviewer is excellent,” she quips, gaining chuckles from Tropeano.

She explains that Avanca worked with the show in the past, during a crowdfunding campaign to make a Windows MPC that can fit in a person’s pocket; she believes that “NewsWatch TV” was one of the factors that made that effort a success. At the time that this testimonial was made, they were working on wireless headphones, which she explains would be useful for activities like running. When Tropeano mentions that he will be participating in a marathon soon, she promises to give him a pair.

For the record, the headphones are now available as one of Avanca’s most popular products.

Meet The CEO And CCO Of Neogama: Alexandre Gama

There are no limitations in success apart from the ones that we set for ourselves. It is crucial that we believe in the ability to go beyond what we grow believing is the reality of achieving our goals. The ability to believe in your talent and insight in handling the tasks at hand also counts.

Alexandre Gama has grown to become one of the most successful individuals in the communication and advertisement agency of Brazil. He began his career in 1982, by acquiring a degree in communication and advertisement. The field was still competitive then and needed a creative mind to pull through successfully.

This was not a challenge to Alexandre Gama because he ended up serving an international agency as their Global Chief Creative Officer. This spirit never left him because, after many years of employment, he is now the CCO and CEO of his own company. The Neogama Company: Gama’s firm, is ranked among the 20 top prominent firms in Brazil.