Brian Bonar’s Grand Bellamy’s Reviewed By San Diego Magazine

The new Bellamy’s restaurant in San Diego has a different look than the cuisine, which has that wonderful taste that seems missing in the decor. The food done by French chef Patrick Ponsaty makes the decor quite superfluous. And this is directly attributable to Brian Bonar, the famous Scottish businessman who has been starting world-class eateries in the San Diego area for years now. He has engineered the acquisition of the best talent that was already making other restaurants famous, but where they were not as valued as they should have been. Bonar fixed that problem with Bellamy’s employing them so handsomely.

Bellamy’s is located in Escondido, in a very conservative bubble that is a literal throwback to a formerly elegant era as Pr News Wire puts it. There are still little mom-and-pop service stores there. It is a place where the old fashioned ways of doing business are still considered current. However, for a foodie this is a little piece of heaven, because that is where chef Patrick Ponsaty does his culinary magic. Ponsaty is one of only two chefs in San Diego with the rating: Master Chef of France!

Bonar has other plans as well. His Ranch at Bandy Canyon is a huge, beautifully botanical 144 acres. It is the perfect venue for his 4-star signature restaurant and events space. He needed real culinary talent. He acquired the exact right person: Ponsaty. The signage seemed very eclectic to one reviewer, but his love for the food was unrestrained. He declared Bellamy’s everything he had hoped for. He waxed on eloquently about all the dishes he tried at Bellamy’s and declared it the best food in San Diego and appreciated the wait staff.

Brian Bonar has many years of multi-faceted business experience that blends well with his worldly wisdom and connections. He started out studying mechanical engineering in Scotland at Strathclyde, in Glasgow. After getting his BS there, he earned his Masters and his Ph.D degrees in International Business at England’s Stafford University. He has been a key mover at many companies in his long career, including Bezier Systems, Adaptec, IBM, QMS Inc, and Rastek Corp.

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