The Open Society Foundations Keeps Democracy Going

In our world that is pushed forward by clumsy politics, there are individual powerhouses that are so influential that all fear their clout and influence. Many of these movers and shakers are known by the common voter. A good example is the founder of the Open Society Foundations, George Soros. George Soros is passionate about his liberal beliefs and has been since his time at the London School of Economics. Once he received his economics degree, he founded and grew the Soros Fund Management hedge fund. This business would eventually give him $25.2 billion for a net worth.

He would give $14 billion to start the Open Society Foundations more than 30 years ago. Just this last year, he gave another $18 billion to help the Open Society Foundation in its mission to spread democracy throughout Asia and Euro-Asia. The Open Society Foundations existed to grow and embolden fledgling democracies around the globe. They were strengthened by the Open Society Foundations by receiving economic aid that was then used to jump-start a free market economy.

George Soros would also use the Open Society to enforce democracy in the good ol’ USA. This all began in 2004. During this time, George W. Bush was president, and he had led us into two unnecessary wars that completely destabilized the Middle East. George Soros knew that this had to stop. To make things better, we needed a change in the presidency. George Soros gave largest donation ever in the realm of politics. Soros would give Kerry a $27 million gift to help him gain the White House. Unfortunately, this was not enough to fully sway the polls. While John Kerry won the popular vote that year, George Bush won the electorate.

In 2008, George Soros would return to the realm of politics and attempt to put another Democrat in the White House. During this election cycle, George Soros had a difficult decision to make. He had to either back his longtime friend, Hillary Clinton, or he could back the candidate that truly had the heart of the people, Barrack Obama. In the end, he put the party first and backed Barrack Obama. After Obama’s first term, Soros soured upon him. He did not feel Barrack had pushed strong liberal agenda like he promised. However, after the second term, Soros grew happier seeing the liberal change that Obama was bringing.

George Soros wanted to keep the momentum going forward, so he bankrolled the campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton. During this time, the Democratic Party was nearly bankrupt. George Soros helped them out by giving $25 million to the DNC. This was used primarily for Clinton’s campaign. Soros gave an additional $1.5 million to be used for democratic senators fighting in close races.

Hillary Clinton would lose that election to Donald Trump. However, George Soros would continue to fight Donald Trump by using the Open Society Foundations to fund and organize grassroots protests and marches across the United States of America.

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Fabletics Winning Team

Fabletics supplies a very high quality line of active-wear, fitness, and workout gear to people that prefer trendy and fashionable clothing at a reasonable price. Fabletics will outfit you in a customized set of gear every month, once you sign up as a VIP member. Kate Hudson is a part of the Fabletics winning team. The winning team has developed a marketing strategy that has helped them gain entry into the highly competitive e-commerce world. Today, they are using that marketing strategy to take on e-commerce leaders like Amazon.



The little startup that hit the market only 3 years ago is now a $250 million dollar business, thanks to the great marketing strategy that is based on the reverse showrooming technique. For years, marketers realized that the average consumer would go online to research or find information about certain products or services. Afterwards, they would take their information and look for the same product at a physical store at a more affordable price. Fabletics tapped into those consumers. Many of their current customers would look for items on their website, but go to their physical store to make a purchase. This method also builds stronger relationships with customers.


Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson became involved with Fabletics because of her love of getting involved with activities. She developed the clothing line to encourage other women to get more physical. Certainly, it’s easier in designer like leggings, yoga pants, and workout gear that inspires one to keep moving. Kate Hudson loves working with Fabletics and is the type of co-owner that is involved with every phase of the business. However, Kate Hudson does not want anyone to think that she is a business woman. She is an actress at heart.


Lifestyle Quiz

Get started enjoying your own customized clothing by taking a few minutes to take the lifestyle quiz. Remember, VIP members are provided with a customized outfit every month. This outfit is designed to fit your personal style. In addition, as a VIP member you will receive exclusive deals and are allowed to shop for special bargains only provided to VIP members.

Whitney Wolfe Herd And The Approach

One of the hurdles that both men and women face in dating is the approach. While it is traditional that men approach. There are a lot of developments in society that are causing men to be a little less likely to approach. At the same time, women are still waiting on someone to approach them for the most part. One of the reasons is that there are still tons of men that are going around and trying to get their attention. Some of the men are rather aggressive and persistent. While they are told that this is the way to get in a relationship, this can actually scare some of the women.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is aware of the way the dating scene is at the moment. There is a phenomenon that she has noticed where people who wait for something to come their way are very likely to get nothing. Then if they do get something, then it is not going to be what they wanted. This is one of the reasons that Whitney has decided that it is time for change in mindset. One of the ways that women will be empowered is if they are more proactive about living the type of life they want.

One of the ways that Whitney Wolfe Herd is helping women be proactive is in dating. She is letting women know that the old rules of dating no longer apply in this new climate. These days, men are a little more reserved. Also, some of the men are dealing with other women. Therefore, a woman that sees a man that she is attractive should feel free to go for it. Waiting for man to approach is not going to guarantee a meeting.

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s proposal that women initiate conversations with men they want to talk to comes in the form of Bumble. One of the reasons that she wants women to start approaching for dates is because this is the part of the practice of taking life under control. Whitney Wolfe Herd is an example of someone who is control of her own life.

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James Larkin

It was in the 19th century; the year was 1876. A great man was born on the 21st of January. This man was James Larkin. Hailing from a humble background, James Larkin was not able to acquire formal education. This then led him to do extra jobs here and there so that he could chip into the family income.

James Larkin grew to understand what workers had to go through since he had been a laborer. From his experience, he was able to realize that workers were truly being short-changed. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

This was so because they put in a lot of hours into work but the pay did not match that. It was then that he knew that the time had come for all that to change. He would be the change that the workers needed.

This led him to establish the Irish Transport & General Workers Union. The union was meant to act as an umbrella that would shelter both skilled and unskilled laborers. James Larkin also used the organization as a means of championing the rights of employees. He campaigned for fair treatment of workers, better pay, and recognition of both skilled and unskilled laborers. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

He also aimed at ensuring that there was the creation of employment opportunities that entailed working on an 8 hour a day schedule for the unemployed. Furthermore, he wanted an assurance that at the retirement age laborers would be paid their pension faithfully.

In the year 1905, he joined the Union of Dock Labourers as a full-time organizer. More than just being an organizer, he was actively involved in the activities of the union.

James Larkin was able to inspire workers to find their voices too so that they, also, could advocate for their rights. After all, he would not be alive forever, and they needed to keep pushing until something happened.

It is to be known that James Larkin had a family of his own. He married Elizabeth Brown with whom they were blessed with four children. James Larkin kicked the bucket in the year 1947, but is forever remembered. One cannot separate trade unionism and James Larkin.

James Dondero and the Keys to Effective Decision Making

In a time when collateralized loan obligation investments were heavily scrutinized, James Dondero was one of the only area investors that thought they are a great idea. In a time when emerging markets were being avoided for fear of international volatility, James Dondero decided that it would be a good time to get ahead of the curve. All of the decisions James Dondero has made has helped him to become an extremely successful investment manager, and today he is bringing those strategies and that intuitive decision-making to his clients at Highland Capital Management. Read this article at

Highland Capital Management is headquartered right here in sunny Dallas, Texas. It was founded by Dondero in 1993 after he had grown both his client base and knowledge of the business to a substantial enough level to go into it on his own. Highland caters to all kinds of investors, including financial institutions, corporations, funds of funds, governments, foundations and endowments, and public pensions. The firm has offices all over the world, including those in New York, Singapore, and Seoul. Dondero was not born the CEO and President of the firm, however. He had to work hard to get to where he is today. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

James Dondero attended the University of Virginia, studying both accounting and finance during his time at the McIntire School of Commerce. After graduation, he took the first job he could get as a bond analyst at American Express. After learning about these bonds, he was offered the chance to manage a $1 billion fund full of fixed income investments. James Dondero did such an impressive job managing this fund that he was offered the Chief Investment Officer position at one of Protective Life’s subsidiaries. There he was able to manage and grow a fund with a value of $2 billion. At this point, he decided to go on his own and found Highland.

Even though Dondero had a meteoric rise to the top of the investment management game, he did not forget to give back. James Dondero still serves on several Boards of both non-profit and investment companies. He also gives heavily to several area charities, including Snowball Express and Education is freedom. Overall, James Dondero has created success through his decision-making, and he will continue to do so into the future.

The Dallas-Based Dondero Creates Earnings and Gives Back

When you think of a Dallas-based investment management firm, you probably think of Highland Capital Management. Highland has become a leader in the area in giving clients the investments they need and returns that everyone wants. Most people in the finance sphere know that Highland focuses on low-cost alternative investments that other firms are afraid to offer because of lower margins for the investment managers, but Highland Capital Management is committed to giving their clients what they want. Because of this focus on the client, Highland boasts over $13 billion in managed assets. Most of this success and client-focus can be attributed to the President and CEO of the firm, James Dondero. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero started out at American Express in the early 1980s. He was a bond analyst and worked to look for trends in the market and translate current conditions and future expectations into profit for his clients. After a few years in the JP Morgan Guaranty training program, he found that he was quite good at coaching clients and creating funds that would return profits. He grew a small fund to over $1 billion in assets at American Express. Only a few years later, he was hired as the Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life. There, he grew another fund to over $2 billion in assets in only a couple of years. Follow James on Linkedin.

Using his new-found knowledge and awards for his success, he decided to create his own firm. Thus, Highland Capital Management was born. Now Highland is one of the leading firms in the area and serves several types of clients, including other funds, governments, financial institutions, individuals, corporations, pensions, and foundations and endowments. They offer ETFs, mutual funds, collateralized loan obligations, and many other types of equity and credit investments that make their clients’ money.

Along with success in the business world, Dondero has been able to also create success in the philanthropic world. He has given millions of dollars to area charities and organizations, including several educational societies. He has even given over $10 million in profits away to the George W. Bush Presidential Library since 2012. James Dondero has been and will continue to be, a boon for the Dallas area.


Dr. Mark McKenna is Out to Revolutionize Aesthetic Healthcare

New Orleans native, Dr. Mark McKenna, is a man of many talents, most notably in medicine and entrepreneurial pursuits. He is the CEO and founder of OVME and is licensed in surgery and medicine in both Florida and Georgia. Dr. Mark McKenna attended Tulane University Medical School to earn his medical degree and today he even has a Business Administration degree. At the start of Mark’s career, he was practicing with his father to improve in medicine where he developed a passion for patient rights and serving the community. It was also around this time that Dr. Mark McKenna took his entrepreneurial ideas seriously and he started up his own little real estate firm called McKenna Venture Investments. Mark’s company offered real estate financing, closing, and design services, which helped build him up a good portfolio.

Due to the unfortunate events of Hurricane Katrina which occurred in 2005, Dr. Mark McKenna was met with a great deal of loss in his business investments. This wouldn’t bring Mark down though as he was inspired and had new ideas despite the tragedy. After seeing what was left in the wake of the hurricane, Dr. Mark McKenna said it resembled a war zone, and this started his activity in rebuilding the town by buying up flooded and destroyed properties to have them restored and maintained to be lived in.

It was in 2007 that Mark decided he wanted to relocate to somewhere new, which ended up being Atlanta, Georgia. It was in Atlanta that Dr. Mark McKenna started up ShapeMed, which was a practice based on wellness and aesthetics. Due to his enterprises success, it was noticed by Life Time Fitness, which acquired the company in 2014. Mark’s latest endeavor is OVME, a company he founded in 2017, which is branded as an aesthetic medical company. Mark wants to revolutionize the healthcare industry with OVME, which will be a chain of medical offices that allow clients connect to them using an app. This innovative take on cosmetic healthcare will be coming soon this year.


How Rocketship Education Is Changing and Improving the Education System in San Jose

San Jose used to be a great place to live, with children from low income families having as good a chance to be successful as children from Canada and Denmark. However, things have changed, and the quality of the public education system has gone down. A lot of jobs have gone away. Prices for housing have gone up dramatically. In an Op-Ed, Preston Smith said that he has seen many students struggle in San Jose but he has also seen many students achieve great success. He says that it is all about what you do. He says that a good education system can change the game and help students succeed. That is exactly what Rocketship Education is doing.

Rocketship Education has opened twenty five new schools since they started over a decade ago. They work with educators and parents to provide a great education to the students. They form a community comprised of the teachers, parents, and students.

Rocketship Education schools are charter schools. Studies have shown that by attending a high quality charter school, students can gain up to one month of learning for every year. This will give them an edge over other students and help them succeed.

Many entrepreneurs and public figures have pledged to donate millions of dollars to the people in California to support public education. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is among them. By working together, Preston Smith, who heads Rocketship Education, says that we can change the way education works in San Jose and elsewhere and give children a new chance to succeed in life and in school.

Rocketship Education is unique in that it empowers parents by helping them be involved in the education process. In fact, the parents help out with interviewing teachers and choosing the teachers for their kids for the next school year. Most parents do not even know who their children’s teachers will be, yet at Rocketship Education, they are heavily involved in choosing the teachers. This is just an example of how Rocketship Education includes parents in the process.

James Dondero Great Financial Career

James Dondero is not just an ordinary financial expert. The businessman has established himself in this complex market as one of the leading professionals, and he has done much to help the people in the community by offering them high-quality financial services. Dondero has cofounded one of the most successful financial companies in the international market, known as Highland Capital Management. The company was founded many years ago, and it has been successful when it comes to retaining and acquiring clients. Visit his website at

Highland Capital Management was started by Mark Okada and James Dondero. These two professionals had been in the financial market for more than thirty years, and they felt that they had served in the corporate world for enough time. When venturing into the industry, Dondero did not know that he would turn out to be so successful. His success story has been shared on several platforms to support the young and the old in the society. The hedge fund manager believes that his passion for the department has been instrumental in his career life.

When growing up, James Dondero wanted to work hard and at the end of the day change the lives of millions of people of the communities around him. The businessman wanted to venture into the competitive financial market, and this is why his parents took him to some of the best learning institutions in the world to study economics. The financial background acquired by the businessman has played a critical role in his successful life.


In 2008, the financial crisis affected most of the companies in the market. However, for the experts in the market such as James Dondero, this was an experience they would never forget. Dondero and his company survived the harsh economic times due to the expertise they possess in the market.

Apart from being a highly experienced hedge fund manager, James Dondero has proven to be a man who loves assisting the needy people living in the society. For many years now, Dondero and his company have helped the communities residing in Dallas region through numerous donations. Some of the beneficiaries of the donations are the people affected by natural disasters, vulnerable people and youth. Read more about James Dondero on

Avoiding Holiday Depression With Neurocore

The holidays, one of the most respected times of the year, is also the time when families get together to catch up. However, it does not work out that way for everyone. As a matter of fact, many people find themselves faced with holiday depression. Neurocore is aware of this phenomenon and has provided people with advice on what they can do in order to overcome this issue. These are practical and actionable pieces of advice that can reduce the holiday depression. While this is a common occurrence, it does not need to be inevitable. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

One thing that can be done according to Neurocore is start a new tradition. This can go a long way towards preventing any sad memories from sapping the good mood. There are many reasons that starting a new tradition can be effective in preventing holiday depression. For one thing, the mind is going to be occupied with the new tradition. Also, the novelty of the activity is going to require a lot of thought so that everything can be made right. Even with family, it can be possible to develop holiday depression. This can be done by coming up with a new funny game to play. Read more about Neurocore at

Other suggestions that Neurocore has for fighting holiday depression are knowing limits, giving back, and going for a walk. One of the reasons that these are good pieces of advice is that people often overwork themselves for one thing. When people are overworked and stressed, this can lead to breakdowns and depression. Giving back can brighten the mood for a while, especially if the person truly appreciates what is done. Going for a walk allows people the chance to reassess everything. One of the best things to do to avoid burnout from the chaos is to plan everything out.