JHSF Leads In The Brazilian Real Estate Sector

Jose Auriemo Neto is the chairman and CEO of a company known as JHSF. This is the biggest real estate company in Brazil. It is one of the companies that has been in the industry long enough and has changed the real estate landscaped in the country. Today there are high-end properties in main cities such as Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus courtesy of JHSF. The company is determined to make Brazil a hub of the best real estate properties in South America. Since it was created, it has engaged in numerous projects targeting the highest earners in the country.

JHSF has invested in other areas outside Brazil. They have investments in the United States and Uruguay. This is just the beginning of what will be a global expansion of company targeting development in numerous places around the world.

JHSF is leading by coming up with innovations that will lead to the development of highly advanced buildings which are using the latest technology as well as taking advantage of the numerous environmentally friendly solutions that are incorporated in the buildings. With these technological developments, the company is creating sustainable projects that utilize green sources of energy. JHSF has even been recognized for applying sustainable solutions in the development of projects.

JHSF has been performing well due to the impact of the leadership of the company which is led by chairman and CEO of the firm named Jose Auriemo Neto. Neto has been in the business for the past two decades. He has helped the company gain ground in the real estate sector by ensuring that they are always ahead of others companies from the country. By ensuring that they have the most innovative building technology and techniques they are able to maintain their position in the industry. Jose Auriemo Neto is the brain behind the growth of JHSF, and through his guidance, the company will move into being one of the best in the world.

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Academy of Art University: Shaping Leaders Everyday

Avengers: Infinity War has made it to the top in movie ratings. One of the major components is the graphic designing. Jan Philip Cramer is the mastermind behind all the graphic designs within Infinity War as well as other movies including Avatar and X-men. Jan Cramer attributes his success to his school, Academy of Art University, where he received a well-rounded approach to art.

Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California. At the Academy of Art, areas of study include design, entertainment, fine art, and liberal arts. Founded in 1929, the University has grown with San Francisco and strives to provide an all-inclusive, whole approach to the arts.

Jan Cramer’s education was from individuals who worked in the field of animation. He states that they were his mentors and he took a lot of their advice and suggestions as he continued his growth in the field. Their invaluable advice prepared him for the tasks at hand and allowed him to grow confidently in his skills as he attended the Academy of Art University.

Academy of Art was not only founded and started to help aspiring artists but it strictly only provides professors who work within the profession. Having professors who work within the industry they teach helps model the right approaches as well as truly inspire new artists. Professors can relate through their own experiences from starting out and have honest and true advice for their students, just like Jan Cramer.

Data was taken in 2017 on alumni from the Academy of Art and it was found that 50 graduates had been recognized for their role in different animations and films. The major areas of study for these individuals were Schools of Animation & Visual Effects as well as Motion Pictures & Television.

The Academy of Art University is a well-rounded school offering 22 departments of the arts. Those departments include, but are not limited to acting, writing, advertising, industrial design and visual development. They offer classes in person as well as online. The online program is growing substantially, most of the classes can be completed online. Jan Cramer is an inspiration to many aspiring artists and the Academy of Art was a major stepping stone for him and many others.


OSI Group: A Better Food Solution

OSI Group, an American-based food supplier, is at the apex of the foodservice industry. This progressive-thinking company was birthed back in 1909. OttoKolschowski, founder of the company, laid the seed for what this food juggernaut would eventually become. Kolschowski and the hundreds of thousands of other German-immigrants have played a key role in 20th-century America. Many of these hard working people took root in the Chicagoland area. During these earlier times, 25 percent of Chicago’s population had become German-Americans. Carl Sandburg, famous American poet, stated that “Chicago is the city of broad shoulders.” This very notion perfectly personifies Chicago, and the city’s huge buildings looks like rippling muscles along Lake Michigan. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

OSI Group is no figment of the imagination. This specific company is huge in size thanks to its 65 facilities. That’s right! OSI has up to 65 state-of-the-art facilities. There are also more than 20,000 individuals that power these well-oiled machines. OSI Group is basically made up of test kitchens, general offices, culinary-innovation centers and pilot plants. As of 2016, the company had generated more than $6 billion in revenue. During the postwar economic expansion of the 1940s and 1950s, OSI had struck a deal with an up-and-coming chain of hamburger restaurants. Family-owned businesses were beginning to strike big deals with popular retailors, which fueled the economy. Ray Kroc, former-CEO of McDonald’s, shook hands with Harry andArthur Kolschowski. This deal was put in place to make OSI the first supplier of meat for McDonald’s.

Things only got better has time passed. As some of the older position holders began to retire, new talent was being brought in. Sheldon Lavin, a local businessman, was brought into the fold and OSI began to experience success at a completely new level. Lavin was crowned as the company’s new CEO, but who knew that he would further boost the company’s actual brand. Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group has been able to acquire stake in other food service businesses like BAHO Food and Flagship Europe. Thanks to his savviness in finance, OSI Group can now work exclusively in untapped foreign markets.

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Malcolm CasSelle Wax on How it Solves Virtual Marketplace Issues

Cryptocurrency is believed to be a major asset in the purchasing of video games, and video game items. However, the cryptocurrency virtual marketplace is decentralized making it an issue of financial security to purchase virtual cryptocurrency in a market believed to be decentralized. This has led OPSkins to create Wax( Worldwide Asset Exchange) which aims to solve issues around the cryptocurrency marketplace. One issue Wax fixes fragmentation which now makes cryptocurrency be viewed the same way as any stock in the marketplace is viewed. Another issue Wax fixes are fraud in the virtual cryptocurrency marketplace, which has been an issue of why people are skeptical of investing in cryptocurrency. Fraud is fixed by a secure widget.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of Wax, which stands for WorldWide Asset Exchange. Malcolm CasSelle is also the CIO of OPSkins, which is considered to be the number one marketplace to sell products such as video games. Before becoming the president of Wax, he was the CEO of Timeline Labs, which was later sold to Seachange Int’l where he was Senior Vice President and general manager in Digital Media.

Malcolm CasSelle ventures in multiples businesses and companies can be attributed to his extensive education. Malcolm CasSelle has multiple degrees from MIT( Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Standford University. His education has also led him to be trilingual, such as being able to speak and write English, Japanese, and Mandarin fluently.

Malcolm CasSelle wealth is not only attributed to his work experience in multiple companies, but also through his investments in companies in early stages such as Facebook, and Zynga. He is also the co-founder of a telecommunication company that is worth thirty-five billion dollars called PCCW, which is publicly traded. Malcolm CasSelle also was a venture capitalist that led startups such as MediaPass, which is a digital subscription base for media companies, Xfire, which has over twenty-two million users and is a social network for gamers. Malcolm CasSelle has also led a Groupon startup in China. Malcolm CasSelle is also a serious investor in cryptocurrency, investing heavily on bitcoin.

The Progress of UTC with Louis Chenevert

The one thing that every new investor wants to know is how to be successful in their business. Many people set up businesses but with time, the hopes that they had fade away. This is because although it is not impossible; it is not easy. It takes courage, and the willingness to learn to make it. You also need passion to help you stick around when things get tough.

Louis Chenevert has been able to attain these standards to become one of the most discussed CEO of UTC. The current CEO of UTC uses some of the mechanisms that were used by Louis Chenevert to help maintain the class that he set for the company.


Louis Chenevert helped the firm gain leverage of the company in the industry through his great acquisitions. The Goodrich acquisition that Louis Chenevert made took him a very long time. Louis Chenevert had a lot of meetings and negotiations, but in the long-run, he was able to acquire the firm at $18.2 billion. This was the most expensive aerospace deal that had ever made in the USA.

The other acquisition that Louis Chenevert made was that of Pratt & Whitney. To understand how Louis Chenevert decided to buy the GTF engine, we would have to go back to what he used to do before he joined UTC.


Louis Chenevert began working at General Motors immediately after school. Here, he had multiple promotions. He was serving as the Production General Manager before leaving the company for Pratt & Whitney in 1993. Pratt & Whitney deals with engine manufacturing. Chenevert realized that the GTF engine had a lot of power and potential to become something great.

In Pratt & Whitney, Chenevert earned himself the President position within six years. The firm was a branch of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). It was during his position at Pratt & Whitney that the board of directors of UTC nominated him as their CEO. Immediately he assumed the seat; he led UTC to buy the GTF engine. It took UTC two decades to design and $10 billion to purchase the engine, but it led to UTC being named as the most profitable company in the United States.



Jeunesse: Improve your Skin Foundation Using APT-200, NV

APT-200, NV

APT-200, NV is a skin care product that is made by the company with the aim of making individuals look beautiful. It is manufactured with an exclusive Jeunesse formula that makes it a unique product that cannot be found in other skincare manufacturing and selling organizations. It is worth highlighting that beauty through the skin has become trendy and clothes only cannot make you look fashionable. One has to add an extra facial aspect that makes him or her stand out among other people. APT-200, NV is that extra beautifying agent that will significantly increase your stakes in a beauty context because it demonstrates your skillful arts in applying skin care products that have an immediate impact on your skin.


The skin-nourishing foundation is a key component of APT-200, NV which makes a better option for people who are looking forward to nourishing the skins. It is important to highlight that our skins experience various health hazards as they are in direct contact with harmful rays from the sun and other radiating objects within our environment. The skin also acts as the most external part of our body that protects internal organs from harmful gases, bacteria, and dust.


Therefore, we are required to apply products that can enhance our skins and improve their foundations. Other vital components available in APT-200, NV include bronzer and primer. These additions give your skin an enviable appearance while at the same time making it look like it has had an airbrush finish


About Jeunesse

Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray are the founders of Jeunesse, a multinational organization that uses innovative technology to develop skin care products and nutritional supplements that have been helping individuals around the world to solve various problems. One of the primary purposes of the products designed by this organization is to enhance the beauty of individuals through skin care products that provide a fresh and youthful face. Besides, Jeunesse uses innovation to develop and sell dietary supplements that are geared towards improving the overall health of the body. Today, the company is operating in more than 130 countries while it has physical offices and staffs in around 32 countries which explains its radical expansion.



The Chainsmokers Tie Record With Debut Album

In today’s highly competitive music world, The Chainsmokers are making a mark with their debut album, Memories… Do Not Open. The duo’s debut LP has now sat atop of Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart for 34 non-consecutive weeks. This is equivalent to the third-longest run at No.1 in the chart’s history.


The project is tied with the Gorillaz’s Demon Days, which was released 13 years ago and probably won’t see the top slot on the list again any time soon. This means that The Chainsmokers will most likely hold the record on their own soon enough.


Memories… Do Not Open was released by members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert in April of 2017. It debuted at the No.1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart and the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Although it quickly slipped down the broader category, the album has not left the top five of the Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Memories… Do Not Open was certified platinum six months after its release, having sold 1 million units.


Prior to the release of Memories… Do Not Open, The Chainsmokers made their name through powerful singles. In all, The Chainsmokers have had 12 songs chart on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, including four tracks from Memories… Do Not Open, “The One,” “Honest,” “Paris,” and “Something Just Like This” featuring Coldplay.


The duo’s lone No.1 song is 2016’s “Closer” featuring Halsey, which was released in 2016. The track is now seven-times platinum and the official lyric video has more than 2 billion views on YouTube.


The Chainsmokers further cemented their status as greats in the Electronic world when, in 2017, they won the Grammy for Best Dance Recording for “Don’t Let Me Down.” The song’s highest chart position was No.3 on the Hot 100.


The Chainsmokers are currently touring, including a trek overseas to Europe and Israel.



Whitney Wolfe Thinks Like an App User

A great number of people are utilizing apps like Bumble to improve the amount of contacts that they’re able to meet. Some people are using the app that Whitney Wolfe created for dating. Others have transitioned into Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz where they are not looking for love connections but connections for the world of business networking and friendship building.

It is to your advantage to connect with a company that is going to provide a possibility for different aspects of growing a business. There are a lot of people that are looking at the best way to create more opportunities for your business, and Bumble is the company that is providing these network social settings to do so.

Whitney Wolfe has been on television and worked in conferences where she has spoken about her desire to help female entrepreneurs reach out to others that may be trying to build more business opportunities.

People that are utilizing an app like Bumble are going to find that it is one of the easiest ways to build opportunities for your business with people that maybe in your same geographical location. Whitney Wolfe uses the same formula of the geographical location to help those that are interested in finding dates as well.

Wolfe is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. She is the wife of Michael Herd. She has been associated with being the wife of a business tycoon, and Wolfe has also been associated as the co-founder of Tinder. These are all different areas where she has had her name associated with other people, but Bumble tends to be something that is Whitney Wolfe and Whitney Wolfe alone. This makes her stand out as an entrepreneur that has access to her own app environment.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs that are taking on apps, but Wolfe knows that it is to her advantage to create an app that gives her access to customers that want something new. She knows that she can keep her customers satisfied by thinking more like an app user than thinking like a technical guru. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App

Wes Edens a great person who does great things

Wes Edens is also known as Wesley Robert Edens. He is an American who was born on 30th October 1961 (57years of age) specifically in the New York City. Wes Edens is married to one wife who is known as Lynn Edens who has bored him, four children. The youngest daughter is known as Mallory Edens and the other daughter is known as Madison Edens. In 1984 Wesley Robert Edens earned his bachelor of science degree in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University based in the Northwest United States specifically located at Corvallis, Oregon. Wes Edens is a businessman who is also doing investments in the private equity sector and he also owns a sports team.

Fortress investment group was found in 1998, it is now 20years old since its inception. It is based in the New York city, united states in the 1345 Avenue of the Americas. It deals with the following products, giving credit funds, hedge funds, traditional asset management, and railroads. In 2007 it was traded publicly thus became the largest private equity firm in the United States of America. The founders of the fortress investments group are; Wesley Robert Edens (who is our subject), Randal A. Nardone and Rob Kauffman, Michael Novograts and Peter Briger. The firm has employed over 1000 employees who find it to be a fast-paced environment to work with thoughtful and smart people.Wes Edens served as a managing director in the mortgage trading division in the Lehman brothers from 1987- 1993. He later served as a managing director and partner of BlackRock financial management. He has also served as a managing director in the UBS in 1997.

He is the chief investment officer, principal and head of private equity at the fortress investment group since 2009. He is also the co-chief executive officer at Fortress since 2017 December. He takes charge of public traded investments and private equity in the firm.Wes Edens became a billionaire together with his partners and in 2007, he was ranked 369 in the worlds billionaires list. Due to the great and enormous work he has done in the firm that has necessitated the growth of the company in terms of its net worth, he was announced by the wall street journal as the “new king of subprime lending”.Wesley Robert Edens is involved in a national basketball association better known as Milwaukee bucks. The firm launched flyQuest, a new esports franchise that involves video games competitions. He is one of the persons who earn a very high pay around $54 million.

Three Tips For Every First Time Rep That Works With Market America

Selling is a big part of what you do at Marker America. You are not just selling anything. You are selling technology. You are going to get clients who will automatically buy what you offer. You are going to come across clients who need to be poked and prodded a little bit more.

A former Market America Rep has been gracious enough to offer some special tips to help you first-time reps. These tips are designed to help make your job of selling somewhat easier.

1) Start identifying your goals and what you want to achieve.

“You got to have a goal. Do you have a goal?”

Kit, Pretty Woman 1990

You cannot move forward in Market America unless you know who you are and what you want out of your place in the company. You cannot just say you want to make money. Everyone wants to make money. Your goals need to be more specific and more in tune with your personality. You cannot become a success unless you know who you are and what you can bring to the company.

2) You need to know that selling is not an art form. You might have heard that before, but you need to listen. Selling is as much a part of science and technology as the products are. You cannot treat every customer the same. Every customer brings you something new and different. You will interact with every customer differently. It is a process. Their needs are just as important as yours.

3) You need to focus on the clients in Market America who want to buy. This method is the cornerstone of your business. You cannot waste your time on people who do not really have an interest.

Plant the seed. Some of the seeds are going to grow. Others will remain lifeless in Market America. The clients who want to buy are going to be your bread and butter. The others ones are just going to be icing on the cake.