Highland Capital Management Partners With Linda Owen To Expand Its Philanthropic Works

James Dondero is the Co-Founder and President of Highlands Capital Management (HCM). He has more than 30 years of experience in credit and equity markets. He co-founded HCM in 1993. The company is a pioneer in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation market and credit-oriented solutions for investors.

James is also a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. James worked as the Chief Investment Officer of GIC’s Protective Life subsidiary from 1989 to 1993. He serves on the Board of Directors of several companies.

James recently teamed up with Linda Owen, Dallas civic leader and former President of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. The partnership was aimed at providing strategic direction to Highland’s philanthropic activities as the firm continues to expand its charitable program.

As part of the partnership deal, Linda Owen will serve as the company’s charitable giving manager, and will operate in partnership with The Dallas Foundation. James said that his company recognizes the need for a committed professional who would ensure that their contributions make a greater impact as they expanded their philanthropic services. He further said that Linda Owen has a proven track record of excellence and building effective public-private partnerships in Dallas. James continued by saying that Linda also shares their vision for making an immediate difference in the society.

Highlands Capital Management donates more than three million dollars annually to charitable organizations through the Dallas Foundation. These funds are aimed at supporting veterans’ causes, health care, education, and the Dallas community. Some of the beneficiaries of these funds are the Dallas Zoo and Uplift Education. James guides most of those organizations through leadership services and board roles.

Linda said that Highland’s philanthropic commitment is more than funding. She stated that the employees readily give their time and energy as active board members to come up with solutions to the problems that the non-profit organizations face. She expressed her delight in working with Highlands Capital Management. Linda has been involved in many philanthropic organizations in the Dallas area.

This article recapped http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160608006430/en/James-Dondero-Teams-Dallas-Civic-Leader-Linda

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The Mysteries of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism, based upon a bundle of writings known as the Zohar. According to Chabad, “[T]he Zohar is indeed an authentic document of the teachings of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (Rashbi), generally agree that part…of the Zohar was written by Rashbi [called] “the First Mishna”…[whilst] [t]he remainder of the Zohar, like the Talmud, was the product of generations of masters and their disciples.”
The beliefs of Kabbalah have been making a resurgence with the advent of the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles and its focus on its relation to religion in general and the Bible, while the Bible itself remains a fascinating source inquiry and inspiration.

The Kabbalah Centre of L.A. stresses that Kabbalah is not a religion itself. Rather, it can be seen as a supplement to other religious traditional practices. Believers of Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam can all benefit from learning about Kabbalistic philosophy.

The Kabbalah Centre also puts emphasis on Biblical facts and artifacts. These elements contribute to the importance of Kabbalistic teachings. Kabbalists mainly focus on the Biblical codes that they feel are explained in the Zohar. However, these codes have basis in Biblical fact. Kabbalists at the Kabbalah Centre in L.A. feel that they have a significant amount of knowledge to dispense to the general public, or anyone who wants to learn, regarding what they have to offer in terms of teachings.

The Bible continues to be a great source of knowledge and inspirational motivation for people even today. Many people revere the Bible for its wisdom in books like Proverbs. Other people enjoy learning about Noah and the flood in Genesis, or about Moses and the Pharaoh in Exodus. Whatever the reason, knowing more about Kabbalah and the Bible can be incredibly helpful in navigating life’s challenges. Visit the Kabbalah Centre’s website to learn more about locations and events.

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Bridging the Digital Divide with FreedomPop

With cell phone cost rising and personal income stagnant since the 2008 Great Recession, many Americans are searching for a cheaper cell phone service. FreedomPop is a promising option for cash-strapped consumers.

Founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar, the Los Angeles-based company began slowly by selling 4G hotspots the following year. Through a series of partnerships, the company expanded. Today it is a leading low-cost service provider. In fact, it even offers free phone service, by using a novel approach that avoids cell tower use. While a normal smart phone sends and receives data over the nationwide network of cellular towers, FreedomPop provides a free service that works only off of the “voice-over-Internet-Protocol” networks (VoIP). By routing service this way, FreedomPop only purchases data services from Sprint, its partnering network. The provider is then able to offer a free phone, data, and text plan that offers 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data each month for free.

Beyond this free service, Freedom Pop also offers low-cost plans. The first is a WiFi plan that provides unlimited voice, text, and data for $5 a month. This plan uses the 10 million WiFi hotspots available nationwide for service. Industry experts recommend this plan for city dwellers surrounded by a multitude of hot spots. They also point out that parents might want this limited service for their teenage children because there is no service while driving. The most popular Freedom Pop plan is the 19.99 a month unlimited text, talk, and data package that uses the Sprint network.

Another attractive feature is Freedom Pop’s BYOD policy. Though the company offers many new phones, tablets, and hotspots that range from economical to expensive, Freedom Pop often allows users to bring in their own Sprint smart devices. Thus, a customer can buy a used Sprint device online and enjoy free service without the cost of a new phone.

Finally, Freedom Pop also provides home internet service. It markets its Hub Burst hotspot that provides home internet service of 12 MBps. While not suitable for all customers, it compares favorably to DSL service. Once a customer purchases the hotspot he/she can have 1GB free per month, or can upgrade to 5 GB for 17.99 monthly or 10 GB for $33 monthly.

“Unless the digital divide is narrowed soon, the United States may be headed to the class warfare of a century ago,” warned journalist and best-selling author Johnathan Alter. With such low-cost service, Freedom Pop is a great bridge to help many consumers cross the digital divide.

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FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited Wi-Fi Across The US For $5/Month


Thor Halvorssen Fights For Freedom

The Weekly Standard recently presented an article about Thor Halvorssen and his fight to end oppression. Extolling his dedication, it described at length the efforts Halvorssen makes with his Human Rights Foundation to end despotism, wherever it may be. Half Norwegian and half Venezuelan he traces his ancestry back to heads of state in part, but this does nothing to stop him from targeting such heads of state when they impose dictatorship and oppress their people. The full article is at www.weeklystandard.com.

His father was tortured in a Venezuelan prison and his mother shot during an anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration. It was the incentive that started his foundation, although it did not begin his activism. He has himself suffered for the cause. In the process of producing video of the leader of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, he was beaten black and blue by Vietnamese authorities. The video chip got out of the scene in the cameraman’s rectum, but Thor declined to be the one to re-record it, or so he says. 39 year old Thor Halvorssen is also founder and CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum. This annual event is a must-see for anyone who has a passion for freedom and human rights.

Thor is not only an activist, but he is also a film maker. His works all have to do with the nature of oppression and the struggles of the downtrodden, as his heart and soul are fully absorbed by his cause. He often says “I love people” and attributes that to be the foundation of his energy. He rejects a right-wing label he is sometimes given, claiming to be a “classical liberal” in the John Stuart Mill tradition.

He speaks accent less American English and has no trouble navigating through the shoals and eddies of politics, media and the networking required to truly make a difference. By style he is a night owl, and he works tirelessly on his mission without regard for his collaborators’ ideologies. All that matters to him is that they be equally dedicated to ending dictatorship and despotism wherever it is found.

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JustFab Is Positioned For Major Growth

As reported in the LA Times, JustFab Incorporated has more than four million members that are counting on them for their yoga pants and handbags. The company is based in El Segundo and is similar to that of Fabletics Kate Hudson’s product line. Each member must join and receive a monthly box of goodies. The model is similar to that of companies that give cable subscriptions for service. The box of products is varied and shipped like clockwork every 30 days.

Read more: JustFab heads toward IPO even as other subscription start-ups struggle

While other subscription companies seem to be losing steam, JustFab seems to be trucking right along. Though they have had their share of bad publicity from customer complaints, the company has been able to rise above any new company criticisms. During a fundraising round two years ago, the company was able to earn the “unicorn” status. This was due to the fact that they raised more than $1 billion in their fundraising. It is projected that they will make around $650 million in revenues this year. This is a major increase from last year’s earnings of $505 million.

The co-founder Adam Goldenberg says that JustFab is on-track and headed for growth. Things that they plan on doing include a name change, which will be released in August, and laying the groundwork for going public. According to Goldberg, he stated that the company was heading towards being an IPO, but he will not comment on the timing of this event.

They are expanding beyond handbags and footwear. Those who have a VIP status at JustFab can shop from any of their offerings. The program is simple. It costs $39.95 to be a member. Each month, the customer has five days at the beginning of the month to ask for this month’s selection to be skipped. If they call in their “skip” within those five days, they will not have to pay for that month, and they will not receive any products.

With no plans of going anywhere anytime soon, it looks like JustFab may be one of the few companies of this type that actually make it. See: https://www.heels.com/shoe-brand/just-fab-shoes

Incredible Dry Dog Food Bites

Beneful provides quality products that my dog loves. I can see in his eyes and in the way he chows down on his foods that Beneful is his favorite brand. Not only do they provide gourmet wet dog food meals for a big treat, but they provide smaller bags of dry dog food that I can serve every day without worrying about my dog’s health, weight or happiness.
First, Incredibites with Real Chicken. My dog has tried these in the past and loved them. I rate it at a five out of five stars!
Not only is it made with farm raised chicken meat, rather than chicken meat from factories, but it also has whole grains and vegetables blended in to add flavor.

Second, Originals with Beef. This one I have yet to try, but given it’s 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.com, it definitely made it onto my list of foods to try feeding my own dog.
It’s said to be a very healthy choice and most dog owners were surprised that their dogs liked Beneful‘s food over more expensive brands!

Third, Healthy Weight with Real Chicken.
This food was the best for when my dog was overweight. I tried everything to get him healthy again, but he hated me when I cut back on his feedings. He’s usually very energetic, but was getting lethargic, so I tried Beneful’s Healthy Weight dog food and he was back to his normal, happy self after just over a week!

Lastly, Incredibites with Real Beef. I was surprised after trying this one for a little while that my dog’s fur was shinier and he looked happier than before! He loves the beef flavor almost as much as the chicken flavor and I can hardly turn my back before he’s scarfed down his entire dish’s worth of food!

I definitely recommend Beneful for your dog food needs. They are a great business with affordable prices and my dog usually chooses these foods over others. There is a variety to try and I want to buy on Wal-Mart all of them some day! Good thing my boy eats a lot so I have plenty of chances to try them all.

Visit the Beneful YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood

Dick DeVos Helping Others Soar to New Heights

Dick DeVos is among the top donors that helped the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts exceed its fund raising goals. Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donated $1 million to the Kennedy Foundation to aid them expand their facility. The foundation was established in in September 1971 and has about 3 million visitors every year.


Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur from Michigan and is the son of Richard DeVos, who is the one who founded Amway, a company that distributes consumer goods. DeVos attended Forest Hills public school system and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University. DeVos was also awarded honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University, Grove City College, Northwood University also awarded him distinguished alumni recognition.


For many years, DeVos has been involved with the family business (Amway Corporation) since he was a child. He officially began working for Amway Corporation in 1974 and held different positions which included, finance, manufacturing, sales research, development, and marketing. DeVos was promoted to the post of Vice President of Amway in 1984 and was in charge of operations in 18 countries. He helped the company open many other markets and tripled the international sale which exceeded the company’s domestic sales for the first time in the history of the company.


In 1991 DeVos became the President and CEO of the NBA’s Orlando Magic after his family bought the team. DeVos then left the team in 1993 to go back to Amway to become the President where he succeeded his father. He managed to expand the company to more than fifty countries and in six continents. In 2002, DeVos left the company with great success.


Separately from his career and success, DeVos has contributed millions of dollars toward philanthropy. Together with his wife Betsy DeVos they founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. Both DeVos and his wife had a passion for education and aviation and so they decided to combine both and start a school. West Michigan Aviation Academy is based at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The school uniquely focuses on aviation, but it is more than just flying. It gives students with special interest in aviation, technology, engineering, math, and science.


The school empowers all these students with special interest to cultivate their passion and develop. Outstanding character values, respect, trust, and accountability are firmly held. The students of the school all aim at achieving their career goals in life.


The school is rapidly growing and is empowering many students to soar to new heights.

A Child’s Party With 23 Layers of Detail

Designing a party for a one year old child can be a challenge. Of course, one year old children will be present, but adults and parents will also be there. The challenge therein lies in creating a party ambiance that will be enjoyable for the walking and toddling set as well as the parents of said toddlers, who have come to appreciate a finer level of sophistication.

Of course, parents can attend a party full of multi colored balloons while recognizing that it is a party of toddlers, but therein a separation occurs between the kids and the adults. 23 Layers, event planners in New York City, was able to achieve a seamless balance between the childlike whimsy of a country farm and a Pinterest worthy aesthetic appreciated by adults. Perfectly crafted apple pie desserts with a lattice top crust were shrunk down to the size of a toddlers hand.
farm table
Adults were taken back to their childhood to those bucolic days at a country fair, savoring all of those nostalgic memories in the form of delicious classic treats. The children were themselves treated to a bit of sophistication with a very beautiful centerpiece adorning their own kids table. 23 Layers truly set the stage for everyone to enjoy the party on a personal level while all being able to enjoy the party together.

Seamlessly setting the stage for a party comes from no lack of inexperience. The two ladies heading 23 Layers have a combined 16 years of experience to draw upon when crafting an event. Access to vendors, knowledge of lighting, flowers, menu creation and custom invitations are all little details that when coupled with experience and dynamic personalities equates to a great impact for the host and hostess as well as for the guests.

Marc Sparks is very proud of Spark Tank

The economy is constantly growing, but it will only continue to grow if smart businessmen continue to work hard. Each new business gives the economy more strength because it adds a new and exciting product to the marketplace, while it employs people. The world needs more businesses, and Marc Sparks is constantly working to add new voices to the marketplace.

Marc Sparks has been a businessman his entire life. He is attracted to the thrill of developing an idea to the point that it produces a profit. Throughout his career, Marc has owned several wonderful companies in many different industries.

He’s been heavily involved in the telecoms, venture capital, and portfolio management companies. Marc knows that entrepreneurial spirit helps America grow stronger, and he wants more people to start their own companies. Marc’s latest project is aimed at bringing more entrepreneurs into the fold.

Marc has always wanted start-ups to be successful, and he has launched many programs aimed at young companies. For example, Marketing Sparks was aimed at helping young ad companies reach new heights. Marc Sparks knows that a small amount of funding can make a huge difference for a young company, and he is always happy to help. His latest program, Spark Tank, takes his idea of funding young start-ups to the world of philanthropy.

The private sector can solve many problems, and charities play a huge role in this problem solving. Marc Sparks knew that venture capitalism plays a positive role in the free market, and he wanted to see it serve a similar role for charities. He launched Spark Tank recently, and he knows it will play a huge role in years to come.

Spark Tank runs on a very simple concept. Take the concept that makes start ups so strong, and apply it to charities. People with brilliant ideas that can help society as a whole should come forward to present their ideas. Learn more about Marc Sparks: http://www.dalrada.com/board_directors.shtml and https://about.me/brianbonar

A panel of experts asks the group one major question. What would you do with $5,000? The panel closes examines each answer to determine which proposals will offer the most social good.

During this time the panel can ask any question. The process is straightforward and allows many charities to get the funding they desire. Read more: Brian Bonar | Whitepages

Spark Tank has already successfully funded several programs. For example, the program recently funded a program called Dogs Matter, which helps hundreds of dogs every year. Marc Sparks is extremely proud of the progress offered by the program.

Athleisure: Fabletics Delivers On Comfy Fashion Trend

Clothing made of high-tech fabrics are just one of the factors that men and women have considered when wearing “workout clothes” to places other than the gym.

There used to be a such thing as Casual Friday in the office. But these days, it seems that any day of the week could be considered casual, depending on where you work. While “casual” used to mean jeans or a dress that looks more relaxed than professional, workout clothing has taken over the wardrobes of professionals in recent years on http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/category/fabletics-review. After all, if Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg (who is a billionaire) can wear a hoodie to the office, shouldn’t everyone else be able to do the same?

Athleisure has become one of the hottest trends in America, especially among women. Women like the way they look in the clothing, and they’re comfortable, which makes it easier to run errands, play with their children, and of course, get a workout in. The fact that Americans also prefer to be comfortable, no matter what they’re doing, is another reason athleisure wear has become so popular.

Some say that the athleisure trend started in the early 19080s with fashions inspired by Jane Fonda’s workout video. In the late 1990s, Lululemon, a high-fashion yoga line was introduced, which made it even more chic to wear athletic clothing.

In 2015, Americans spent about $44 billion on active wear, which was a 16% increase from 2014. Denim sales, however, have decreased, going down 5% each year since 2013.
Read the full article at http://www.cbsnews.com/news/dressing-down-the-rise-of-athleisure/.

Fabletics is one of the premier athleisure brands, and the company has really taken off in the last two and a half years. Geraldine Martin-Coppola, the general manager of Fabletics has confirmed that the company has profited $200 million the short time Fabletics has been in business. Actress Kate Hudson is the inspiration behind the brand.

Customers who are interested in Fabletics can shop online for the company’s active wear for the most people. Monthly subscriptions are available, which provide discounts to customers. At the start of each month, a new active wear collection is introduced, but there are several incentives throughout the month to attract shoppers.

The Fabletics social media community is quite active. The company has several million Facebook followers who check in ofter to get updates on new athleisure wear and promotional sales. It looks like this trend is here to say, and Fabletics is one of the companies making it possible.