Popularity Increase: Shopping With Online Shopping Sites

Virtual shopping has become extremely popular over the last decade or so. The advent of major social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram have helped to develop a market that is thirsty to purchase the latest fashions via their smart phones. In response to the mass of shoppers who have been clamoring for their favorite fashions to be available in online markets, fashion business and merchandising companies have had to become creative with regard to sales models. The typical store website with modeled clothes, handbags, and shoes still do the trick, but shoppers (especially the hot fashion demographic that includes 18 to 30 year old young adults) are becoming more and more involved in business models that slightly stray from traditional markets.

Tons of research is currently being completed about the practicality and ease of use of consumer driven fashion business models like the ones at JustFab on youtube, Tag and Porter, or Trunk Club. These sites focus specifically on one of the most important desires of any fashionista – the desire to have an entire look fashioned for them with as little effort on their ends as possible. These customer oriented websites are gaining popularity at a rapid rate and could potentially make the traditional store front website business model obsolete.

When it comes to ensuring that shoppers have an excellent experience on Instagram and make great decisions with their online purchases, few websites are more professional or easy to use than JustFab. The online subscription fashion retailer focuses offers extensive personalized styling choices based on the customers past purchases and browsing habits. In a recent user review of several online fashion retailers, an online shopper discussed her likes and dislikes in the area of online shopping. She described her most important desire when it came to purchasing clothes via online retailers as the ability to receive stylish choices that were truly reflective of personality and of the persona that she wanted to show to to world.

A New Partnership Between Slyce and Shoe Carnival In 3D

Announcements are that Slyce, a leading image recognition technology company, has partnered with Shoe Carnival, a leading US footwear and accessories retailer, as of 03/22/16. You will be intrigued when you visit ShoeCarnival.com. The 3D visual technology is totally automated. In which mobile visitors can take a quick picture of any footwear they are interested in and with click can see the closest match to the footwear you’ve selected. The extensive collections at Shoe Carnival will allow you to purchase it immediately.

The Shoe Carnival VP of eCommerce, Kent Zimmerman, has stated their excitement to be launching this mobile ability from Slyce. He further noted that they are always searching for ways to innovate and stay ahead of the game for their customers. Now, you won’t have to chase down someone to find out where they purchased their shoes. How easily convenient is that way of shopping.

The revenues from contracts, is how Slyce is delivering this system profitably. The monthly fees will be from the software licensing and service fees. This continues with its current pricing model, during the contract term.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is the home of Slyce. It’s sophisticated and easy visual search enables a wonderful channel for sales, major retailers as well as customers. Where-ever their consumers are, will be able to take a picture of shoes and in a matter of a few minutes can have the shoes ordered and on the way to your home. Slyce has provided their service to a number of retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Tilly’s, Urban Outfitters, Home Depot and JC Penny. There are several revenue streams that are making the spotlights for Slyce.

Since Shoe Carnival, Inc. happens to be one of the nation’s largest family footwear retailers. They can offer a huge assortment of moderately priced footwear for every occasion and every person. Evansville, Indiana is the headquarters of Shoe Carnival, and as of September 11, 2015 has 400 retail stores located in 34 states and Puerto Rico.

Brian Bonar’s Grand Bellamy’s Reviewed By San Diego Magazine

The new Bellamy’s restaurant in San Diego has a different look than the cuisine, which has that wonderful taste that seems missing in the decor. The food done by French chef Patrick Ponsaty makes the decor quite superfluous. And this is directly attributable to Brian Bonar, the famous Scottish businessman who has been starting world-class eateries in the San Diego area for years now. He has engineered the acquisition of the best talent that was already making other restaurants famous, but where they were not as valued as they should have been. Bonar fixed that problem with Bellamy’s employing them so handsomely.

Bellamy’s is located in Escondido, in a very conservative bubble that is a literal throwback to a formerly elegant era as Pr News Wire puts it. There are still little mom-and-pop service stores there. It is a place where the old fashioned ways of doing business are still considered current. However, for a foodie this is a little piece of heaven, because that is where chef Patrick Ponsaty does his culinary magic. Ponsaty is one of only two chefs in San Diego with the rating: Master Chef of France!

Bonar has other plans as well. His Ranch at Bandy Canyon is a huge, beautifully botanical 144 acres. It is the perfect venue for his 4-star signature restaurant and events space. He needed real culinary talent. He acquired the exact right person: Ponsaty. The signage seemed very eclectic to one reviewer, but his love for the food was unrestrained. He declared Bellamy’s everything he had hoped for. He waxed on eloquently about all the dishes he tried at Bellamy’s and declared it the best food in San Diego and appreciated the wait staff.

Brian Bonar has many years of multi-faceted business experience that blends well with his worldly wisdom and connections. He started out studying mechanical engineering in Scotland at Strathclyde, in Glasgow. After getting his BS there, he earned his Masters and his Ph.D degrees in International Business at England’s Stafford University. He has been a key mover at many companies in his long career, including Bezier Systems, Adaptec, IBM, QMS Inc, and Rastek Corp.

Why You Should Be Trying Cleansing Conditioner By Wen

Emily McClure of Bustle used Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner for a full week so you don’t have to. She concluded that the conditioner would be most beneficial to those who style their hair daily. The conditioner tends to weigh down fine straight hair but if you style your hair frequently as mentioned before then this shouldn’t be much of an issue. Ten pumps of Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner are required regardless of hair length. McClure received compliments for her hair’s shine and bounce after using the conditioner for only a few days

WEN is an extensive hair care line that offers products to any hair type, texture, and length. Products by Wen are a great alternative to the hair products available on the market today since they are sulfate free and keep your hair’s health in the forefront. It’s been proven that most shampoos are detrimental to our hair and the good news about Wen’s products from sephora is that once you start using them the use of any shampoo is no longer needed.

Their products are not tested on animals and they are all manufactured in the United States. WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner is a leave in product and acts as a detangler, shampoo, conditioner, and even deep conditioner so for the price you’re receiving an all in one product. If your roots become heavy, like McClure’s fine straight hair, Wen recommends using their Replenishing Treatment Mist between uses of the Cleansing Conditioner. It will give your hair that needed pick me up and provide hydration to hair follicles for longer periods of time.

Before Chaz Dean was revolutionizing the hair product world he was a photographer. He actually became interested in hair care through photography. After taking some photography courses he enrolled into a cosmetology school. He started working at the high end Bel Air salon in Los Angeles. He moved up the ladder fairly swiftly and later became the owner of Bel Air salon.

This article was originally published on Bustle and can be read here.


Hot to Use Wikipedia Effectively

Cyber bullying is one of the predominant disadvantages of using the internet for most people. There are many bigots hiding behind their computer screens typing hard on their computer keyboard to come up with content that is meant to abuse, belittle other online users that may appear vulnerable or easy to prey on. Therefore it is necessary to stand up to this caliber of people. 

One of the people who have been on the receiving end of cyber bullying is Emily Temple. Having been a Wikipedia user for almost a decade, the Biology student has been the recipient of insults that are outright offensive on her person. Unfortunately, most of the insults that she has received border on her person as a woman and not general criticisms of the work that she may have posted. Although infuriated by the constant bashing from some of the male users on Wikipedia she chose to completely ignore them and remained a contributor. In addition to this, she would create or update a Wiki page for a female scientist every time she was bullied to send a message of positivity despite the abuse she received.  

Eventually she decided to stand up to these gender bigots by creating awareness against bullying on Wikipedia by coming up with an idea of creating Wikipedia pages to honor and appreciate successful women scientist who had made significant contribution to the advancement of science in different scientific fields in 2012. This would see scientists who had previously received little or no recognition have Wikipedia pages documenting their lives and their contribution to science. Her contribution hasn’t gone unnoticed as she has received praise from different people including men showing support for the cause in which she had undertaken to do. 

Wikipedia business page creation is also a necessary tool for any business entity that would want to grow to great lengths due to some of significant benefits that accrue when you make a Wikipedia page for the business entity. Since Wikipedia is reputable and most people trust information contained on Wikipedia, it generally legitimizes the business in the eyes of consumers and potential clients. Another advantage that accrues from having a Wikipedia page is the fact that Therefore it is essential for any business that desires growth of the business to consider hiring Wiki experts from a reputable Wikipedia editing service that is highly experienced at creating Wiki pages for a business that seeks to grow the company. To enjoy those benefits it is necessary to hire Wiki editors on Get Your Wiki who are able to do this job efficiently due to the experience they have gained from doing such work to the satisfaction of the business. 

Fine dry frizzy- Wen by Chaz is good for all


WEN by Chaz is a popular hair care product line. Its focus is to help moisturize hair and bring it back to its intended state of healthiness. Emily over at Sephora did a week long experiment to see if Wen by Chaz could help her fine hair problems. Emily suffered from flat, lifeless, shine free hair which she was determined to change.

Wen hair products has four different yet equally important components to its line. The cleansing conditioner is used to clean hair while keeping its natural oils. Allowing the hair to become strong and manageable. Next there is the nourishing mousse. Keeping your hairstyle looking as fresh by the end of the day as when you began. The re-moist intensive hair treatment is a weekly treatment that will re-moisturize even the driest hair. Bringing it back to its intended soft and silky state. All of the products in the Wen hair care product line are made with natural ingredients. Ingredients like sweet almond oils, mint, shea butter and botanical extracts just to name a few.

Emily ended up choosing the fig version due to the fact that it promised to give her bounce, shine and moisture. The first day using it she was amazed at how well it seemed to have worked. Her hair was bouncy, shiny and even felt thicker. After a couple of days of evening showering she felt it best to use Wen in the mornings. By day seven she had developed a love-hate for WEN. While it did give her more bounce and shine she felt it was t