Just Fab: Fashion For Every Woman

There have been many mail order fashion businesses in the past, but JustFab has given mail order fashion a fresh twist. JustFab was started in 2010 and everything sold by the company is made by JustFab, effectively cutting out the need for suppliers.  Learn more about JustFab: http://www.retailmenot.com/view/justfab.com

Clients can easily sign up for the monthly fashion service and pay 39.95 monthly to be sent custom picked clothing and shoes. Designers work for JustFab at their Los Angeles based office to produce the latest styles and trends.

To get started clients need to take a style quiz to find out what their personal style is.  JustFab will send the client their hand picked clothing at the same time every month. Clothing choices will change on a monthly basis. Subscribers can cancel their membership at any time with no penalties. Read more: JustFab: Women’s Shoes, Boots, Handbags & Clothing Online
If a client does not want to pick any new shoes or clothing for the month all they have to do is cancel their delivery by the fifth of every month to avoid the 39.95 charge. Clients can skip any number of months that they want as long as they cancel by the fifth of every month. There is also the option for clients who don’t want the once a month subscription choice. Clients are able to purchase an item or items by the piece.  And you can also learn more about JustFab: https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/

JustFab is one of the fastest growing online companies with over 500,000 new subscribers every month. Recently JustFab paired with Shoedazzle to offer a combined service in addition to each company’s separate venture.

With high quality fashion offered at an affordable price, it’s easy to see why JustFab is winning in the home subscription fashion race. Do read more: JustFab – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Beneful, the ultimate Dog food products for all stages of life

For a dog to be happy and healthy, it has to be well fed. If a person loves to see his/her dog happy, chasing, fetching, jumping, romping, and pawing at the door welcoming the master home, Nestle Purinastore’s dog food is the right answer. Here are Beneful’s products that are suitable for your dog.

1. Beneful incrediBites
This a dry dog food made with carefully selected ingredients. The ingredients include ground yellow corn, whole wheat flour, chicken by-product meal, animal fat, beef, soy flour, corn gluten meal, bone meal, etc. It has all nutrients a dog requires to thrive every day. IncrediBites is suitable for small dogs. Small dogs are charmingly wonderful from other dogs. They don’t eat anything you present before them. They are too smart for that. https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/
2. Beneful Original
This product has real chicken spiced with avocados, carrots, and tomatoes. It is formulated to meet the required nutrients levels set by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile. It is suitable for all stages of a dog’s life. The ingredients include Chicken by-product, animal digest, dried carrots, tomatoes, and avocado, phosphate salts, etc. There is also Beneful originals with real salmon.
3. Beneful Healthy Weight
This dog food product helps your dog to maintain a healthy weight. It is flavored with real chicken, carrots, apple, and green beans. It is recommended for adult dogs. Healthy weight is a dog food that has reduced calories.
Healthy Growth for Puppies makes a puppy grow healthy, strong, and happy. It is a dry food with a nutritional formula for puppies. The primary ingredient is yellow corn. It has a chicken and rice flavor. The package weight is 3.5 lbs. It has 100% nutrients your puppy needs every day to thrive. It has an additional DHA that supports healthy vision and brain development. Beneful wants your puppy to enjoy its meal time. You new friend doesn’t have to sacrifice taste, just because he has to grow well.
Beneful offer various products on most Wal-Mart stores suitable for all stages of a dog’s life.

Fabletics Is A Leader In Athleisure

Women all over the world are diving into a more comfortable style. They are tossing aside their slacks and skirts and they are turning to leggings and yoga pants. That’s because women are busy and constantly on the go, especially when they’re not at work.  They get things done at home, at the gym, and out shopping at different stores on thekrazycouponlady.com. They will be more productive if they’re in comfortable clothing that allows them to move easily. That’s why the athleisure style is quickly becoming the most popular style of clothing.

Athleisure is when athletic clothes and leisure clothes combine! It’s wearing an outfit you’d typically wear to the gym, like a t-shirt and yoga pants, out to run errands. It’s an outfit that is designed to help you get things done. Athleisure clothes are no longer considered frumpy. They now have cute styles and patterns. . According to Instyle, Athleisure can also be a combination of athletic clothing and fancy clothing. It’s creating a unique look by combining both!

It’s all thanks to large brands like Fabletics. Fabletics is a company created by Kate Hudson. It’s designed to make you look cute at the gym or if you’re partaking the athleisure style. Fabletics is cute leggings and tops. It’s clothes that are designed in the latest styles. They are also high-quality and comfortable. They’re uniquely designed so that when you’re out and about you will surely make a statement.
Read more:
Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night
Fabletics on Pinterest

Fabletics also has the option for people to shop online or in store. They are creating brick and mortar stores so that people can look through clothes and see what fits them best before deciding what to purchase. They can then go online and shop around otherwise they can sign up for the subscription-based service. That way people are able to get cute clothes delivered right to their doorsteps! It allows them a new and exciting article of clothing to look forward to each month.

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Donate to Help NYC Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow, a New York City attorney, needs your help. Abelow’s goal is to raise $5,000 to support Homeless Animals in New York City shelters. Homeless animals are at risk of freezing to death especially when the temperature drops during the wintertime. These animals have no place to call home or no shelter to keep them warm. Abelow launched a GoFundMe campaign January 13, 2016 to help support these desperate animals in need and the shelters that care for these distressed animals.

The funds raised for the campaign will go to the local shelters to pay for blankets, food, vaccines and medical assistance. So many shelters are unable to take in additional distressed animal due to the lack of funds and some shelters do not have the capacity to take in additional homeless animals. These funds raised for this special cause will help NYC shelters support and find loving homes for these animals in need.

Raising money to help support distressed animal in New York City is close to Abelow’s heart. It is his mission to help as many homeless animals as he can.

Animal enthusiast and lovers of all animals can lend a hand by donating to this growing issue during the winter season and beyond. When you donate, you can rest assured there is one less homeless animal on the street, hungry or sick in New York City. These funds raised will help relieve some of the suffering of these distressed and vulnerable animals.

This New York attorney specializes in entertainment law, family law and commercial litigation. His peers and community respects Abelow. Where most lawyers specialize in one particular area of law, Abelow has demonstrated versatility and expertise across various fields effectively.

He is an active contributor to legal blogs, writes on his personal blog and people can find him actively on Mashable and Facebook.

Donate to help lonely, cold, hungry and homeless animals now:

Ross Abelow
Organization Ross Abelow

Laidlaw and Company Investment Options

One of the most well known and reputable investment management firms based on Brokercheck.FINRA in the world is Laidlaw and Company, a boutique firm that has over 170 years of history of providing clients with sound investment advice and high returns on investment. Laidlaw and Company is led by a number of reputable investment professionals, which are considered leaders in the industry.
One of the primary services provided by Laidlaw is their wealth management services. The company provides a number of different wealth management services to investors, which include high net worth individuals and institutional clients, such as pension funds and life insurance companies. For each person or company, the investment firm will develop a detailed investment plan that will help anyone reach their investment goals.

Another primary service that the company provides is investment banking. Laidlaw manages a number of different funds that provide high returns on investments to investors.

The company is also well known on Wall Street for investment in alternative investments, which will give an investor the ability to earn a high return on investment while diversifying their portfolio. Some of the alternative investments have included putting capital and equity into companies in a variety of industries including healthcare, real estate, construction, and financial services.

FreedomPop Makes Unique Debut in Spain

FreedomPop has made a number of public announcements about its expansion into various foreign markets. The company was not exaggerating. Spain is the new territory in which FreedomPop has debuted. The company is sure to experience the same success here as it did in the United States and the United Kingdom.

FreedomPop debuts in Spain in a unique way. The company’s launch is through the WhatsApp messaging service. Interestingly, all calls through WhatsApp will be both free and unlimited.

The traditional business model FreedomPop employs is to present subscribers with a set monthly amount of free phone, text, and data. Upgrades come with a fee. About 40% of FreedomPop’s users upgrade to expand their usage.

Per Mobile World Live, the reason for the unique debut is due to WhatsApp’s massive popularity in Spain.

FreedomPop feels its service will grow massively and expects around a million users in only two or so years. As long as exceptional, cost-effective service continues to be provided, there is no reason why FreedomPop won’t succeed again.

The Thrill is Never Gone!

The sport of Skydiving is not for the faint of heart! It requires timing, precision, expertise and maybe a little luck. Whether you are an expert or first timer, the thrill of the free fall can be like no other. Most of us want to try to live on the edge, if just a little, but trying extreme adventures are beyond our reach.

We never know when we will be called upon to bring our instinctive physical or spiritual strength to bare.

Andy Wirth is President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings (get more here: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=36030954&privcapId=7911768) and has always been a risk taker both on and off the slopes. His love of the great outdoors has taken him on some incredible journeys. Never fearing what nature put in front of him, Andy continued to push his limits no matter the obstacles.

All that changed in 2013, when Andy Wirth faced crushing trauma, but came away with a renewed sense of purpose. A horrific skydiving accident left him clinging to life and hope.

Andy Wirth has continued to push forward by teaming up to raise funds and awareness for the “Special Warfare Warriors.” In an exclusive interview by Crunchbase, Andy Wirth has worked tirelessly to bring awareness for those veterans who continue to face great physical and emotional challenges.

Since Andy Wirth’s accident he has surpassed his recovery goals and continues to pursue his dreams. During his ordeal his favorite musical refrain was “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam. He uses the words of this song as his inspiration for living life.

http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/news/articles/2014/09/andy-wirth-squaw-valley.aspx – For more

Talk Fusion Launches Free Trial Period behind CEO Bob Reina

The internet is a wild place where businesses are constantly jockeying for position atop the advertising ladder in order to sell their product to the waiting masses. This has brought us a variety of interesting advertising techniques over the years ranging from banner ads to SEO marketing. Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina started his company back in 2007 with the intention of bringing video marketing to the forefront of advertising techniques and since then he has proven his work to be vital to the success of companies around the globe. Talk Fusion is opening up a free trial period to get more potential customers involved in utilizing the business techniques.

If you were to ask Reina how he feels about what Talk Fusion offers potential clients then you would get a resounding endorsement, “We wanted to put Talk Fusion’s products into as many hands across as the world as fast as we could.” The reason for this faith? Bob Reina goes on to say, “There is absolutely no comparison in the world to the value that we bring.” These are pretty strong words but everything to this point has backed them up with aplomb and now the free trial period will prove it to the last remaining doubters.

The free trial account that is currently available will bring customers into the Talk Fusion fold. Inside of their account dashboard these new clients will be able to utilize an array of different documents and detailed how-to guides in order to get their businesses off of the ground.  These guides, and programs, are extremely detailed and they offer a deeper view into what it takes to bring your marketing level up to the top where it needs to be.

At the end of the day what Talk Fusion is trying to do is simple: they want to create an environment where marketers can utilize tools to succeed.

Popularity Increase: Shopping With Online Shopping Sites

Virtual shopping has become extremely popular over the last decade or so. The advent of major social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram have helped to develop a market that is thirsty to purchase the latest fashions via their smart phones. In response to the mass of shoppers who have been clamoring for their favorite fashions to be available in online markets, fashion business and merchandising companies have had to become creative with regard to sales models. The typical store website with modeled clothes, handbags, and shoes still do the trick, but shoppers (especially the hot fashion demographic that includes 18 to 30 year old young adults) are becoming more and more involved in business models that slightly stray from traditional markets.

Tons of research is currently being completed about the practicality and ease of use of consumer driven fashion business models like the ones at JustFab on youtube, Tag and Porter, or Trunk Club. These sites focus specifically on one of the most important desires of any fashionista – the desire to have an entire look fashioned for them with as little effort on their ends as possible. These customer oriented websites are gaining popularity at a rapid rate and could potentially make the traditional store front website business model obsolete.

When it comes to ensuring that shoppers have an excellent experience on Instagram and make great decisions with their online purchases, few websites are more professional or easy to use than JustFab. The online subscription fashion retailer focuses offers extensive personalized styling choices based on the customers past purchases and browsing habits. In a recent user review of several online fashion retailers, an online shopper discussed her likes and dislikes in the area of online shopping. She described her most important desire when it came to purchasing clothes via online retailers as the ability to receive stylish choices that were truly reflective of personality and of the persona that she wanted to show to to world.

A New Partnership Between Slyce and Shoe Carnival In 3D

Announcements are that Slyce, a leading image recognition technology company, has partnered with Shoe Carnival, a leading US footwear and accessories retailer, as of 03/22/16. You will be intrigued when you visit ShoeCarnival.com. The 3D visual technology is totally automated. In which mobile visitors can take a quick picture of any footwear they are interested in and with click can see the closest match to the footwear you’ve selected. The extensive collections at Shoe Carnival will allow you to purchase it immediately.

The Shoe Carnival VP of eCommerce, Kent Zimmerman, has stated their excitement to be launching this mobile ability from Slyce. He further noted that they are always searching for ways to innovate and stay ahead of the game for their customers. Now, you won’t have to chase down someone to find out where they purchased their shoes. How easily convenient is that way of shopping.

The revenues from contracts, is how Slyce is delivering this system profitably. The monthly fees will be from the software licensing and service fees. This continues with its current pricing model, during the contract term.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is the home of Slyce. It’s sophisticated and easy visual search enables a wonderful channel for sales, major retailers as well as customers. Where-ever their consumers are, will be able to take a picture of shoes and in a matter of a few minutes can have the shoes ordered and on the way to your home. Slyce has provided their service to a number of retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Tilly’s, Urban Outfitters, Home Depot and JC Penny. There are several revenue streams that are making the spotlights for Slyce.

Since Shoe Carnival, Inc. happens to be one of the nation’s largest family footwear retailers. They can offer a huge assortment of moderately priced footwear for every occasion and every person. Evansville, Indiana is the headquarters of Shoe Carnival, and as of September 11, 2015 has 400 retail stores located in 34 states and Puerto Rico.