A Child’s Party With 23 Layers of Detail

Designing a party for a one year old child can be a challenge. Of course, one year old children will be present, but adults and parents will also be there. The challenge therein lies in creating a party ambiance that will be enjoyable for the walking and toddling set as well as the parents of said toddlers, who have come to appreciate a finer level of sophistication.

Of course, parents can attend a party full of multi colored balloons while recognizing that it is a party of toddlers, but therein a separation occurs between the kids and the adults. 23 Layers, event planners in New York City, was able to achieve a seamless balance between the childlike whimsy of a country farm and a Pinterest worthy aesthetic appreciated by adults. Perfectly crafted apple pie desserts with a lattice top crust were shrunk down to the size of a toddlers hand.
farm table
Adults were taken back to their childhood to those bucolic days at a country fair, savoring all of those nostalgic memories in the form of delicious classic treats. The children were themselves treated to a bit of sophistication with a very beautiful centerpiece adorning their own kids table. 23 Layers truly set the stage for everyone to enjoy the party on a personal level while all being able to enjoy the party together.

Seamlessly setting the stage for a party comes from no lack of inexperience. The two ladies heading 23 Layers have a combined 16 years of experience to draw upon when crafting an event. Access to vendors, knowledge of lighting, flowers, menu creation and custom invitations are all little details that when coupled with experience and dynamic personalities equates to a great impact for the host and hostess as well as for the guests.

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