OSI Industries: The Value of Technology in Enhancing Growth and Development

Every company desires to gain recognition in the international marketplace. For OSI Industries, this is a dream come true. OSI sets the pace with the most valuable success stories existing in America’s business history. From a simple family-owned butcher shop in Chicago, the Company operates today as a renowned global market leader in food production. The firm still seeks to establish an extensive international market base following the modern day globalization.

During its existence, OSI Industries is committed to ensuring sustainability in its food production processes. OSI boasts of a series of innovations in enhancing its growth and development. Over the years, the firm heavily relies on the cutting-edge technology to run its operations. The contract to supply meat products to the McDonald’s initial chain of restaurants marked a significant milestone for OSI Industries into gaining worldwide recognition.

OSI Industries emerged number 58 in the 2006 Forbes listings of the largest privately operated companies with a total of 6.1 billion dollars net worth. OSI owes its significant growth in its tendency to incorporate new technological innovations in running its daily business operations. The company recently adopted the liquid-form nitrogen cryogenic freezing model technology. It tremendously eases activities in the production of food, storage and also the transportation of the products. The company’s efforts to incorporate new technology in its operations greatly contribute to its growth. Moreover, the debut of Sheldon Lavin into the leadership of the company has seen OSI through various milestones in its development efforts. Through his commitment and expertise, the Company is unstoppable in the food processing industry.

Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI prides itself in many prime awards for its sustainable production efforts. Some of these awards include one from the British Safety Council, the Globe of Honor Award. Also, OSI is the custodian of the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award. Sheldon was personally honored with the Global Visionary prestigious award. Additionally, the company has successfully managed various joint businesses and acquisitions to supplement its business and gain a wider market reach.

Following the management and leadership techniques from dedicated and experienced leaders, OSI continues to thrive into greatness. With David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin heading the company, they ensure to uphold OSI’s sustainable growth strategies. OSI also relies on the services of approximately 20,000 employees who effectively run its operations in its 65 facilities located across 17 countries globally. Besides, OSI values excellent customer relations and service delivery.

OSI Industries seeks to maintain a stable base for a sustainable future. It is also continuously involved in the generation of new innovative ideas that meet the changing demands of consumers in the industry globally.

Stream Energy: Channeling Aid To Those They Already Service Within Communities

Hurricane Season is presently on hand along the Atlantic seaboard and Gulf of Mexico neighboring states Among other aspects regarding Stream Energy’s philanthropy programs they are a part of, disaster assistance is a major part of these, and just in time it would seem.

When Hurricane Harvey ravaged the gulf states last year, Stream Energy was on hand to help with homeless and displaced victims with their Stream Cares program; so it would appear they have the right tools and experience to tackle the extreme weather conditions that appear towards late summer/early autumn seasons in those regions most affected.

Stream Energy is a direct-selling and life-connected company based in Dallas, Texas that is also familiar with the region since they have reportedly doing business there for at least 20 years. Their employees-numbering up to about 500-are titled Direct Associates and seem to have the freedom to pursue various causes they firmly believe in from their hearts involving the Texas communities primarily and other regional locations, according the company’s profile in Linkedin.

Stream Cares is their newest venture, but they have other Outreach programs in place as well that work with organizations such as Hope Supply Company that assist in providing food, clothing, supplies and shelter for those displaced during a catastrophe or caught in the bind of everyday economic struggles. Other organizations include Habitat For Humanity, Salvation Army, Red Cross and the American Doll franchise.

There are over thousands of global firms known for their community and charity programs, but Stream Energy boasts that because of their normal operations involving their Independent Agents that deal with their clients directly and within their familiar locales, programs like Stream Cares are more intimate and direct in many aspects to these communities in need.

This would seemingly put a face on the very organization itself; for the Independent Agents themselves seem to be on the street and face-front with the communities they work with as it is, whether in Outreaches or general business transactions. This would provide incalculable feedback to directors and potentially speedier responses one could presume during crisis situations most notably.

With the weather patterns seemingly volatile and unpredictable of late, such a direct and rapid response by companies like Stream Energy with their Stream Cares foundation, would be considered most ideal from now and into the future.


The Truth about Freedom Checks

The term Freedom Checks is not new in the investment industry. New investors and expert investors have come to know what this investment entails and the various benefits that come along with them. However, despite the multiple benefits of Freedom Checks, people are still skeptical about this investment. The reason for the mistrust is probably due to the many deceitful investments that people have encountered in the past. When it comes to this investment, you can relax because it indeed is real. In this article, you will learn about Freedom Checks and get to learn about their diverse benefits. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

It is impossible to talk about this investment without talking about the man who introduced them to the world, Matt Badiali. Matt Badiali is a professional geologist with experience in the energy industry. His work involved him travelling to various parts of the world to inspect oil fields, coal mines, and other fuel sources and confirm their legitimacy. His job gave him an opportunity to interact with top CEO’s of various energy companies. With the knowledge, he acquired he invested in the energy stock during the 2008 stock market crash where he reaped a fortune after selling it in 2010.

It is essential to note that for you to acquire Freedom Checks; you have to make an initial investment. In short, you can say that these checks are a financial gain from an investment you make in the energy industry. Investing in the energy sector is a wise decision since the prices are continually rising thanks to an increase in population. It is also essential to remember that these checks come from energy companies that have a set-up master limited partnership. A master limited partnership makes it possible for investors to enjoy tax advantages when trading with public traded energy companies. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

Here are some of the benefits you acquire when trading with master limited partnership companies. Investors receive 90% of profits the company earns as this helps them maintain their tax advantages as well as maintain their corporate status. As an investor, the tax you pay for selling your investment is lower than the income tax.

Learn: http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2018/07/02/curious-about-matt-badialis-freedom-checks/

Paul Mampilly’s Analysis


Paul Mampilly is one of the most renown American investor and former manager of the hedge fund. His vast experience in the studying the financial trends have assisted different people who follow his articles to invest wisely. Currently, he works for his Profits Unlimited which is a Banyan Hill publishing that he founded. Through his educative materials that he writes, he gives insights on the various emerging trends in the corporate world.

Article Recap

From the article posted by Paul Mampilly on his twitter account, he talks of Artificial Intelligence as one of the technologies that would revolutionize the e-commerce industry. For instance, he spoke of how the website keeps on opening for his suggestions of the place he should visit, the items he should buy among other additional products. How does a site know exactly what you like and suggests that for you? Paul Mamphilly has tried to answer the same question and clearly. When one visits a given website, let’s say Amazon, there are the most exciting places on the site that one trips frequently. When you visit such an area on the site, you can leave a digital footprint where your data is stored.

After visiting the site for some time, the website through AI can look at the products possessing similar characteristics to the ones you are fond of looking at and suggest for you. Surprisingly enough, the solution is almost as similar to what one buys mostly on the website. Additionally, Paul Mampilly’s article talks of how the three types of stocks have increased by twenty-nine, eighty-six and one forty-five percent respectively. In comparison to the S&P index, it managed to go up by sixteen percent only, which is way smaller than even the lowest performing Artificial Intelligence stock. Therefore, the AI stock has broken a record and beaten the once world leading index. Paul Mampilly concludes by saying that the AI indexes are gaining traction and speed and within the next few years to come it is going to rise further than where it is at the moment and break records.

Uncharted Territory

There is so much more we have to learn about the human brain, it could well be decades before we know significantly more. The issue in gathering a greater understanding is that we can’t capture the wind. The human heart, for example, the inner-workings of which could easily be understood upon expiration. The brain, however, is an entirely different story, but the people at Neurocore, which are brain performance centers, are indeed trying to capture the wind.

Nerves cascade from our brain, down our spine, and they exit left and right, all the way to the base of the spine where they become the cauda equina. Neurocore is following those nerves and impulses to determine if there are any imbalances in the electrical activity of the brain. The idea is once they learn about the pathways of our brain, they can help people live stronger and healthier lives.

Much of what their research has to do with is trying to help people correct major issues with memory, anxiety, insomnia and depression. It is estimated that over 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia, yet many doctors have all different kinds of ideas about treating it. Neurocore could well uncover many reasons as to why this is the case. Stress and worry are likely the culprits, but learning more about nerves that stoke the fires of anxiety, and how to calm that process, will likely lead to less insomnia.

Everyone knows that worrying does not solve problems, yet many cannot stop it even if they tried. There is some comfort in it, but the lack of sleep it engenders has many deleterious side-effects. Many long-term illnesses get their start in the human body because of a low, or more acidic, pH level. Getting proper amounts of sleep can help raise pH levels, which has numerous carry-forward benefits.

Neurocore is taking a look at the human mind and the information they uncover is likely going to lead to great places, or even just a better place than we are right now. The clients of Neurocore want to try to make their lives better, but in letting Neurocore treat them, they are also helping many others in the process.

Guilherme Paulus: Brazilian Billionaire

You ever imagined being a billionaire, on the Forbes’ list of richest people in the world? I think we all have from being last on the list to being on the very top of the list. Guilherme Paulus is living the dream we strive to have, being one of the richest men in Brazil.

He is #1268 on the list of richest men in the world. Paulus is a 69 year old man, that resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He’s happily married and has two children. The source of Guilherme Paulus’ income is from tourism and also being a self-made employee. At the age of 24, Guilherme Paulus was the co founder of the Tourist sector of Brazil called CVC “Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A“.

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Guilherme Paulus co founded this sector with a Brazilian politician. Under Paulus’ leadership, CVC has grown to be Latin American’s largest tour sector. Along with tourist sectors, Guilherme Paulus found other ventures as well. Paulus founded GJP Hotels and Resorts, which controls a little over 15 hotels and resorts in Brazil and is also bidding to build and maintain more hotels near airports in Brazil. Guilherme Paulus had a huge influx during Brazil’s holdings in the Olympics, which in part, is to why he gained a lot of income recently in the past 4 years.

Whether being from Brazil or from the United States, it will always take hard work to be acknowledged by the world and Forbes as one of the richest people. Whether if its a small start or a big start, work is always needed to grow and achieve your dreams. This is exactly what Guilherme Paulus went thru and to this day, he continues to grow his businesses, as well as create new ones to expand his growth in net worth, the Forbes’ list ranks, and also in the business world.

Gareth Henry Is a Gifted Executive Business Leader

Heading a particular department in any company to success isn’t something easy. People like Gareth Henry have been heads of departments in several companies, and they know expertise and skills can’t be an option for a department leader. Henry today works at Fortress Liquid Markets as the Investor Relations Head from 2007. He is also involved in spearheading the company’s market efforts as the Managing Director. He uses his skills and entrepreneurial abilities to come up with some of the best global investment initiatives for the company. Henry uses his expertise to ensure the needs of the company’s clients are met in the expected measure.

Looking at how the company has succeeded since he joined it, one can affirm Henry has exceptional leadership qualities. He performs different tasks in the company at once using his incomparable business skills. Besides being involved in the insurance relations with other countries, Gareth Henry ensures the wealth funds and pension are properly supervised. Investor Relations has been vocal in raising investment funds to benefit other upcoming companies across the globe. Henry became the company’s Global Head in 2016.

While he worked at Fortress Investment Group, Henry had garnered a lot of entrepreneurial expertise and business leadership skills. He has used them to earn a great name for the recent company. He realized that the best way to make the company grow is being directly involved in the selling and accountability of the company’s sales. Gareth Henry studied in Scotland at Edinburgh University where he graduated with an Actuarial Mathematics degree in 2000. He later worked at a world investment company called Schroders.

He then went to the United States to work with Fortress Investment Group in 2007 after spending several years in the previous management organization. As the company’s managing director, Gareth Henry is in charge of the company’s marketing strategies in other countries like the Middle East. This great badminton player was born in Jamaica. He has participated in both Pan American Games and Commonwealth Games from 2011 to 2015. He helped the Men’s Team Championships of Pan American to win bronze in 2018. Henry is also in the record having won the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2008.