Eric Lefkofsky: Giving Back To Others

While many may only know that Eric Lefkofsky is an American billionaire, what some may not know is that he is also heavily involved in philantrophy. Lefkofsky has his hand in many different business ventures due to the fact that early in life he became an entrepreneur with strong business instincts; however, those are also the same instincts that have given him the know how to give millions to multiple charities and to form a charitable trust called, the Lefkofsky Foundation.

The Lefkofsky foundation is a foundation that Eric and his wife started in 2006, as an effort to give back to the community with hopes of changing the lives of others for the better. The purpose of the foundation is to fund as any initiatives as possible that are considered to be high impact initiatives. The foundation focuses its attention to programs and initiatives that address educational issues, human rights, medical research, and cultural movements.

Eric and his wife Liz have a deep love for educational initiatives and firmly believe that obtaining a quality education is a right that everyone should have. It is because of this belief that the foundation has funded many initiatives when it comes to education including the High School Bound program and the Success Bound program. When it comes to medical research funding, cancer research gets a large chunk of donations and this is because Liz lost her sister to cancer and both Liz and her mother are cancer survivors, so better cancer research is something that Liz firmly believes in.

Eric Lefkofsky without a doubt loves his community and believes in giving back to others. With people like him giving to others, there is still hope for the human race.

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Jeremy Goldstein – Understanding the power of Caring

Jeremy Goldstein years of being a lawyer dealing with multinational and government agencies in matters pertaining compensation and corporate governance were the core ideal for starting Jeremy’s L. Goldstein’s and Associates.

He is a co-partner of this famous law firm that deals exclusively with advising the Chief Executive Officers, executive compensations matters, sensitive boardroom issues and among others. Jeremy is a member of Americans Bar Associates where he chairs the Sub-committee of the Mergers and the Acquisitions Business Section team.

He went to New York University for his J.D and later pursued Business administration from Cornell’s University, and for Masters, in B.A he enrolled in University of Chicago’s and graduated with honors.

Jeremy Goldstein states that during his talk with colleagues dealing in executive compensation he noticed a big gap on the governance circle. He grabbed a chance and created a room for offering matters that deals with payments and governance with his core duty is advising his clients on their career and pay. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

Jeremy states that the issue of compensation is quite sensitive and before taking any job he ponders on adverse effects on his life and believes that openness is the key to surviving in his industry. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn

Jeremy Goldstein states he has forgotten his bedside manners and always on call 24 hours with full dedication to negotiating, advising, and drafting to meet clients satisfaction. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Jeremy manages his time by only taking extraordinary transactions that need his particular skills and experience and bringing his ideas to life is often possible by blending his years of expertise to rhyme with current assignment.

Jeremy Goldstein appreciates the executive compensation and the corporate governance is in stable place ensuring business ideas grow to high levels without boardroom issues.

According to Jeremy, it’s time for executives and the company owners to focus on their primary key drives of the business performances.

He states linking of pay with performances strategy is the key to growth. Being a great lawyer is about giving knowing your clients and associating with them either professionally and socially.

Jeremy believes in speaking to his clients periodically, and he gives his readers the Knock Out option as the way of creating a winning business idea.

Jeremy Goldstein recommended aggressively buying new technology and frequently and prevents crashing of devices like a computer by purchasing new ones. Growing a business is a strategy and keeping in touch and taking an interest in people is essential.

Highland Capital Management: The Importance of Sponsorships

The reputation of a company increases through partnerships and sponsorships. The Highland Capital Management firm understands that which is why they readily donate money to have their name displayed. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital. James Dondero and Kenneth Hersh are the leaders of the management firm and released an important announcement in January of this year. The Highland Capital Management firm announced earlier this year that it would be donating $10 million to the George W. Bush Presidential Center. The donation is an endowment gift that aims to sustain and support the firm at the center. The award allows them to showcase their firm. The sponsorship will read, “Engage at the Bush Center, presented by Highland Capital Management.” This is not the first time that the company has given millions of dollars to fund their sponsorship. Altogether, the firm has donated more than 5 million dollars for the same reason since 2012, not including their most recent gift. This is the second sponsorship at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Read this article at PR Newswire. The first series featured Christopher Scalia who was a well-known author. The sponsorship talked about his deceased father, Antonin Scalia, who served as the U. S. Supreme Court Justice. The firm has an excellent reputation with the center and is recognized as a founding benefactor. To be considered an entity that gives to help a cause is a great honor. The Highland Capital firm is located in Dallas, Texas. It is a multibillion-dollar organization that aids in business development through loans, private equity funds, mutual funds, and hedge funds. James Dondero and Kenneth Hersh are the co-founders of the company. James Dondero also serves as the president. Kenneth Hersh also serves as the CEO. James Dondero has more than 30 years of experience in credit markets which is part of the reason the company is so successful. He also currently serves as the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holdings and the CCS Medical and NexBank Capital firm. Dondero is a man of many talents as he serves on the executive board of the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. He is a member of the Executive Advisory Counsel. He became a member of this council through invitation.