Fortress Investment Group, an Investment Firm that Makes a Difference.

Fortress Investment Group is a New York City-based Investment Management firm that was founded as a private equity by Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wes Edens in 1998. However, the official launch for the investment group was in 2007, February 9. Fortress Investment Group has over the years grown to become the first largest equity investment company to be publicly traded in the USA. The founders of the company ensured it is a success because of their diverse knowledge and expertise when it came to the financial and investment industry. The founders of the company held managerial positions in various other companies before coming together to start Fortress Investment Group. The success of the investment group is also notable due to their vast growth and its quick expansion into other financial sectors. Some of the sectors include debt security, Real Estate investments, and Hedge funds among others. Wes Edens and two other company founders have also been on the Forbes Billionaire list for quite some time. Ever since the company began, it has immersed and impressive portfolio that makes it stand out from the rest of its competition in the investment sector. The core competencies of Fortress Investment Group include:

  1. Asset Based

Fortress specializes in asset investment across its private equity and credit funds. The expertise of Fortress in asset-based investment extends to owning, financing, overseeing, and pricing the management of financial and physical assets. Some of these assets include financial assets, real estate assets, and capital assets.

  1. Operations management

Fortress is able to extract value from investments with the help of refined tools. Some of these refined tools include strategic and structural strategies, along with the ability to assess operational challenges. The refined tools enable Fortress to assist their clients in any problem related to investment.

  1. Industry Knowledge

Being the best in the investment industry means that Fortress has an in-depth knowledge of the areas it invests. The Fortress team is well equipped to handle various investment sectors since they have sector-specific expertise. Their expertise enables them to establish relationships with institutions, individuals, and companies worldwide.

  1. Acquisitions and Corporate Mergers

Fortress has an impressive portfolio when it comes to acquisitions and corporate mergers. Their experience enables them to work with stakeholders, management, and board directors to help them determine execution and optimal structuring of an investment.

  1. Capital Markets

Fortress also has an in-depth knowledge when it comes to the financing of its investments. It enables its clients to access equity and debt markets, which enable them to secure low-cost investments.Their staff also enjoy working at Fortress Group. A majority of Fortress employees say that the company is fast paced and it enjoys a high turnover. The company also offers training and gives their employees added experience when it comes to the investment and financial sectors. Interns also learn from an elite group of trainers who are experienced in the investment world. With the impressive portfolio that Fortress has, it will continue being the best in the investment sector.


Mike Baur Joins Swiss Brewing Company For ‘Beer Hack’ Project

Mike Baur has a job he considers to be fun as executive chairman of the Swiss Startup Factory accelerator, and his latest activity was being a part of a digital business activity being conducted at Feldschlösschen, the largest brewery facility in Switzerland. According to an SSUF press release, what many attendees were doing at this brewery was creating new ways to sell distribute beer, among which was the use of more digital platforms. The categories that were being tackled at the beer hack included digital, product and market, and overall experience. Executives from the brewery offered insights to the attendees, and even mentors were there to help them turn those ideas into business plans. One of the big winners of this hack was “Ü-BEER,” an app that allows users to order beer with a fast delivery.


Mike Baur has done more than beer hacks and contests. The idea behind what he does is to harness the technological prowess of young people everywhere and turn it into powerful business ideas dominating the Swiss landscape. Information technology and internet of things ideas certainly dominate most of the SSUF’s portfolio and programs, but there are many other regular retail, financial and energy ideas that are brought to the table. Baur, his colleague Max Meister and the rest of the SSUF team want entrepreneurs whose ideas are novel and groundbreaking but also realistic to be admitted to the SSUF. The idea is to bring these ideas to business phase within just a few months.


Mike Baur doesn’t have a specific schedule to what he does currently which is a huge shift from his previous career. In 1991, he became an apprentice to one of Switzerland’s largest banks, Union Bank of Switzerland at the age of 16. He was hoping to join the ranks of those who had gone from the internship program to making huge salaries as executives in banking, and he actually went pretty far in that endeavor from his beginning and managerial role at UBS to commercial managing director at Clariden Leu. But 24 years in banking was enough for Baur and he left because the laws that followed the recession made it difficult for bankers, and he was more interested in making his paycheck his own way. The SSUF was founded in 2014 and has partnered with the University of Zurich, Red Bull Media and Helvetia Investments. Companies have come out of it at an astounding rate so far.


USMR Forcecast: 2018

U.S. Reserve, a precious metals industry standard that works intently with silver, gold, and platinum, recently released a sort of forecast for the 2018 year in gold and silver investment.

Published by John Rothans, the review paints many of the near-future advantages coming to the bullion market, along with a few pitfalls to keep an eye on for any investors in precious metals.

Gold’s Recent Record

Gold in 2017 was promising, if not that exciting. It held steady, immune to much of the high and low spikes that most metals experienced. Read more: US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook | PRNewswire and US Money Researve | Instagram

This was in light of the many crises that plagued 2017, such as tensions involving North Korea, or economic turbulence such as the Bitcoin explosion. Such stability is a strength going forward.

Predictions and Risk Factors for Gold

A number of analysts are anticipating prices for gold to fluctuate from lows around $1200 to a peak of around $1500 an ounce on the outside, making more median pricing around $1350 an ounce for 2018. If gold did rise above $1400 an ounce, it would the first time in five years. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The forecast predicts no significant changes to gold production, but also no significant new sources of gold set to appear in the coming year, meaning there could be a small drop off in supply. Most importantly, the U.S. Dollar is predicted to have a weak year, which always plays well for gold prices.

Silver’s Recent Record

Silver climbed quite high in 2017 but suffered from a massive crash later in the year. On the whole analysts seem to agree following that crash, silver should be set for a more steady climb in 2018. At the least, there is no expected devaluation in silver for 2018.

Predictions and Risk Factors for Silver

Most of the analysts referenced in the forecast see steady, slow rises in silver prices, with lows of $15.60 an ounce to highs that approach $19.00 an ounce. The most median pricing comes around $18.00 an ounce for a high in 2018.

There is disagreement among the analysts in what the supply side of silver will be. When the supply market is too close to call, that means investors should be keeping an eye on announcements of new silver deposits.

Tech industries like solar panel manufacturers are large consumers of silver, and their prosperity will translate to silver.

Tiffany Muller And End Citizens United Lead Democrats Towards 2018 Elections

End Citizens United’s Big Money 20 list recently marked out a prominent name: Paul Ryan. The Big Money 20 is a list of Republicans who accept large donations from wealthy individuals corporations. With Paul Ryan’s announcement that he will not seek reelection. The members of this list are challenged by politicians who are backed by End Citizens United.

Jacky Rosen is the End Citizens United backed politician that is trying to de-seat Senator Dean Heller of Nevada; Beto O’Rourke is taking on Ted Cruz of Texas; and Katie Porter is challenging Mimi Walters for her seat in the House of Representatives.

In addition to the above mentioned potential Senators and Representatives endorsed by End Citizens United they also endorse local politicians. Richard Ojeda has been endorsed by End Citizen’s United. Ojeda is currently campaigning for West Virginia’s 3rd district. Liz Watson out of Indiana’s 9th district is also endorsed by End Citizens United.

End Citizens United doesn’t lobby for pharmaceuticals, the gun business, or any other industry. They are support certain politicians for a simpler reason: to reverse the Citizens United decision.

This Supreme Court decision furthered the consideration of corporations as people, allowing them to donate near limitless amounts of cash to political candidates. End Citizen’s United believes this is the wrong way to handle a democracy, and they are working to reverse this decision. End Citizens United is working to reverse this decision through the only way possible political action. The organization can’t convince the Supreme Court to reverse the decision, but they can endorse politicians that refuse corporate donations, de-seating politicians who do.

Tiffany Muller is the current President and Executive Director of End Citizens United, overseeing the operations and making important decision that could affect America’s politics for years to come.

Muller made waves during her time in local politics, coming out as gay in 2004 and becoming the first openly gay member of Kansas’s local politics.

Tiffany Muller was educated at the University of Maryland and Washburn University.

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Meet The CEO And CCO Of Neogama: Alexandre Gama

There are no limitations in success apart from the ones that we set for ourselves. It is crucial that we believe in the ability to go beyond what we grow believing is the reality of achieving our goals. The ability to believe in your talent and insight in handling the tasks at hand also counts.

Alexandre Gama has grown to become one of the most successful individuals in the communication and advertisement agency of Brazil. He began his career in 1982, by acquiring a degree in communication and advertisement. The field was still competitive then and needed a creative mind to pull through successfully.

This was not a challenge to Alexandre Gama because he ended up serving an international agency as their Global Chief Creative Officer. This spirit never left him because, after many years of employment, he is now the CCO and CEO of his own company. The Neogama Company: Gama’s firm, is ranked among the 20 top prominent firms in Brazil.