Norman Pattiz

As the saying goes, do not sell the steak, sell the sizzle. The services that Norman Pattiz and PodcastOne provide are a living testament to this little truth. And, through a collaboration with Edison Reasearch, there is strong evidence that supports that fact.

Edison Research Vice President of Strategy, Tom Webster, stands by the results of before-and-after studies that focus on brand lifting, which refers to how well potential consumers recall a product before and after a campaign runs for a while. The studies for which these two captains of industry are collaborators focuses on five different products and service categories.

The results of these studies are both simple in their findings and positive in nature, for business proprietors. For starters, the numbers of listeners to mention a specific grocery brand after a campaign run jumps from 7 to 60 per cent. And, those jumps are across the board with financial services seeing increases of 47 per cent, 37 per cent for automobiles and 24 per cent for lawn and garden products.

Even the consumer opinions towards market industries improved to about 33 per cent from 18 before campaign runs. That includes improved opinions for lawn service products up to 22 per cent from 16. In addition, the already popular automobile market sees a boost from 60 per cent to 76.

This data comes from three different studies conducted on behalf of PodCast by Edison Research. The studies’ purposes are twofold in that of the five major brands mentioned in campaigns some of them are very popular and want to test new marketing strategies. At the same time, lessor known brand names want to see what methods of advertisement can garnish them more attention in the future.

The method of data collection, when it comes to surveying the respondents, is online surveys. The timing of these surveys come after 4-6 weeks of Podcast advertising. And, the results show that audiences are listening. More importantly, this data also suggests that they willing to patron the businesses and purchase the products mentioned in campaigns.

As the founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz is focused on innovative advertising, and his business model stands traditional methods on their heads. He achieves this innovation by involving himself in everything that happens within his company.

This includes signing new talent, handling the sales involved with advertising, and overseeing the technological aspects that arise from from growing a business.

It is all about the implementation of good ideas and getting things done on time, if not sooner. Norman says the key to implementation is to be the first one in the door to punch the clock and the last one out to do the same. His biggest heroes in business are Bill Paley, Steve Ross and Dan Miller who happens to be Pattiz’ first boss in media sales.

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The Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority Reduces Strain Of Traffic Through Toll Roads In Austin

Ever since it started out in the transportation sector, the Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority has significantly benefited the transportation infrastructure in cities like Austin.

The organization is not a government organization but works along with them to help improve the city and provide better amenities. The organization has always wanted to improve the city, and with the projects that they have undertaken, they have surely managed to do so and make transportation easier.

One of the core people who has contributed to the overall development of the company and the city is Mike Heiligenstein. Mike is someone who has a great deal of knowledge regarding the transportation sector and has been working in it since the start of his professional career.

He has been instrumental in bringing several of the CTRMA’s plans to live and has been at the forefront of the transportation reforms that the city has seen in recent times. Mike Heiligenstein leads the CTRMA from his position of Executive Director. He is known to be a brilliant leader and the reason for the organization’s plans that they have put into action.

One of the major projects that Mike Heiligenstein was part of with the CTRMA was for the construction of toll roads. When the city of Austin was built, the infrastructure has been constructed keeping in mind the population at the time. The city was not built to support the large capacity that it has today.

Currently, the city is home to such a large population of people that the roads cannot handle the cars of the people that are living here. Therefore, the problems of traffic in the city have been on a steady increase. People are now stuck in peak hour traffic for hours during their daily commute, which is something that the CTRMA wanted to fix.

The solution that the Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority came up with was for the establishment and building of special roads that would help ease the problems of traffic.

These toll roads were the solution that the city of Austin truly needed to help alleviate their problems. People who want to have a smoother commute to work can choose to opt for these toll roads and pay an individual fee. This solution has proven to be extremely useful and has helped reduce the strain on the roads, reducing the time that one spends stuck in traffic in the city.

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Sawyer Howitt Athlete Player and an Entrepreneur

Becoming a professional racquetball player is not easy, but if one puts in the time and effort, the chances are that they will be successful. Though most people who put in the effort end up succeeding, however, the rewards that they get are worth the challenge they face. Before going pro in any sport, ask yourself the reason why you want to do it and carry out intensive research on it. When you have gathered enough facts about the sport and are sure that you can be able to handle it, the next important thing to have is a plan.

It is best to have long-term training strategy if you want to be a pro. You also need the discipline required to follow through with the plan. If possible work with a professional racquetball player so that they can not only train you but also give you the insights on how you can get to their level. Even if you do not find a pro, you can look for a coach who will help you be on the right track. Unlike what most people assume, becoming a professional racquetball player means that one should get into shape. One has to be in a better shape more than anyone who they meet in the field. The other thing that you need to do is a lot of practice, if possible put up a team who will help you practice so that you can reach the professional level.

About Sawyer Howitt

Ever since he was a child, Sawyer Howitt has been focused on racquetball. Though young, he has achieved a lot as a skilled racquetball player, he is, in fact, one of the members of the Oregon Racquetball club. He is among the players that have been recognized by the U.S. Racquetball Association. However, his skills are not only on the field but also the office. Sawyer works as the proprietor of the Meriwether group as the project manager of the firm. The company offers consultancy in business acceleration and development.

Sawyer Howitt has his father David Howitt as his mentor. David is the administrator of the Meriwether group. David is known to guide present day entrepreneurs and in fact, has been recognized as the business leader to watch in 2017. Thus, this makes his the ideal person mentor his son Sawyer.


The Beautiful Landscapes of the Alaska Wilderness

One of our world’s last frontiers is also home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes and majestic wildlife. Alaska remains primarily undeveloped and contains many pristine natural wilderness areas. Bristol Bay / Lake Iliamna are both hugely popular with sports fishermen and are close enough to many other wonderful areas via plane. The area is beyond incredible and has some of the best trout, Arctic Char, and salmon fishing in existence. The Bristol Bay area is currently under threat of development, but many organizations have come forward to protect its beauty. The work of preservationists and proprietors of local eco-tourism spots have been successful in keeping this special area as pristine as possible.


Alaskans are committed to protecting the Bay and its production of 14,000 jobs in the salmon industry that exist along the headwaters of Bristol Bay. The state is generally mining friendly, however, it has been determined that the ecosystem surrounding the Bay is too important to risk. The area has embraced sustainability and eco-tourism in support of the many efforts to preserve the wilderness. Bristol Bay remains one of the favorite destinations of sport-fishermen the world over.


One of the continued preservation initiatives of WildArk is the Alaska Sportsman Lodge. This destination allows fishing in the ever popular Kvichak River and also offers day and half-day trips to nearby Lake Iliamna. The lodge also has several float planes and can take guests to many pristine fishing spots. All fishing excursions come with a guide and guests have the option to stay on the River or venture further afield, whatever their inclination.


The lodge itself blends well into its surroundings and is a beautiful cedar chalet-style structure consisting of 3,500 square feet. The surroundings may be rustic but the Alaskan Sportsman Lodge has considered every possible need of their guests. In addition to the main lodge, there are three duplex cabins as well as a guest cottage and wood-burning sauna that will help guests deepen their relaxation. This is the place to contribute to the preservation of this wonderful area of the world and enjoy some active eco-tourism.


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Sawyer Howitt Fits in at the Meriweather Group

The Meriweather Group is a consulting firm that works primarily with business owners and entrepreneurs. The founder of the company, David Howitt, has worked hard to make sure that his company is the premier destination for people who want to be able to grow their business. He walks each person through every step of the process and works to make sure that they know what they will be able to get out of the experience. It can sometimes be difficult for people to get what they need out of the consultation experience and out of the business experience in general.

David Howitt has been working to make sure that his son is ready to take over his position and has been helping Sawyer Howitt to learn as much about the company as possible while he is also working with the company. Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) is going to make major changes with the Meriweather Group when he takes it over and is already starting to lay the framework for the company. More on

Sawyer Howitt recently started officially working for the Meriweather Group. He has been assigned the position of a project manager and has been able to begin working on many different projects so that he can help his father grow the business. He is confident in his skills and knows the right way to help people with their business issues. HE plans on making sure that the company has the chance to grow while he is working there so that he can make more out of it, read more at Behance.

Together, Sawyer and David are able to make a team that can help the company continue to grow. David is going to use the methods that he knows have always worked for the company. Sawyer, on the other hand, is going to bring in fresh new ideas to make the company better. Their teamwork will make the Meriweather Group as successful as possible. They will both be able to bring ideas to the table and that is part of what will make the company the best that it can be so that it will continue to grow.