Sussex Healthcare has a new CEO

In 2018, Sussex Healthcare announced that they had given an executive mandate to Amanda Morgan Taylor to take up the role of the chief executive officer. She took up her duties at the beginning of the year although she had been confirmed some months earlier and took time to acquaint herself with the operations of Sussex Healthcare. By the time she was beginning her role formally, she was aware of all matters related to the company. She enjoyed a head start that enabled her to make quick progress in leading the company in the right direction. One of the steps she took immediately after joining office was to appoint a new director of quality, compliance and service improvement.

Morgan Taylor has been in the healthcare industry for the past 30 years serving in various public and private organizations. Her career in the industry started in 1984 when she started working as a mental health nurse before later joining the management aspect of the industry. She, therefore, possesses real experience on the clinical aspects of the industry needed to make things right. Some of the roles she has taken in the past include those of service manager, quality development director and managing director of various organizations.

Since Morgan Taylor has worked in the private sector, she understands what is needed from such organizations. She has experience working with different organizations which were suffering from operation challenges, loss of confidence amongst factors and helped them restore customer faith in a short time. As she takes up her new role at Sussex Healthcare, Amanda is determined to maintain the senior management team who will supplement her efforts towards bringing change in the company.

The appointment of Morgan Taylor is good news to Sussex Healthcare since she brings along experience of many years working in an industry that deserves the best management. Among the first duties, she did after taking office was meeting the residents and their family members to discuss the way forward in terms of offering services. Due to her huge experience, there are high hopes that she will help take Sussex Healthcare to the other level of growth that has never been accomplished before.

Guilherme Paulus Invests in Tourism in Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest nations in South America. It’s also home to the FIFA World Cup competitions and the most decorated soccer team. Not only is it large and varied but it also defies common generalizations. Traveling to Brazil is adventurous since it also has many tourist destinations including beaches, mountains, rivers as well as forests. For many tourists, finding the right travel agency has initially been the main issue. But when Guilherme Paulus established CVC Brasil, many travelers started enjoying their explorations.

Besides having an agency that caters to his clients, Guilherme Paulus is also well versed with the operations of the business. That’s why in 2017 he received The Entrepreneur of the Year Award for providing high-quality services to travelers. In his reign at the agency, Guilherme Paulus has ensured that every client regardless of their income level can access affordable travel packages. Today, CVC Brasil is the largest agency that offers such packages.

Initially employed by IBM as an intern, Guilherme Paulus has often demonstrated excellent leadership in the business world where he has also developed a good reputation. He has assisted his agency to earn recognition as one of the largest tour operators in Latin America. His drive and persistence match his attitude toward making the community the better place.

Paulus was raised in Sao Paulo. He therefore learned how to invest in different industries. He met Vicente Cerchiari on a trip before they had a conversation regarding starting a tours and travel agency. While Paulus didn’t have the capital, he contributed to the business by initiating ideas to propel the establishment of the company. He is now the owner of an agency that opens more than 100 stores in different malls In Brazil. His experience in tourism has also enabled him to venture into partnerships with the aim of expanding his business. CVC Brasil is now a primary provider of luxurious traveling packages and services.

Guilherme Paulus also values social accountability since it reflects his role as a responsible entrepreneur committed to noble causes such as the PIET project that supports scholars to learn more about tourism.

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Jason Hope’s Contribution In The Fight Against Age-Related Diseases

The elderly are often plagued with many age-related diseases that impact their lives including movement and ability to make a better judgment. For many of them, these conditions contribute to some limitation in life as it takes a toll on their well being. Age-related disorders also increase the mortality rate of the elderly. Researchers, scientists, donors and medical practitioners have collaborated to help in reversing the aging process to overcome degenerative health issues.

Jason Hope is one such individual who has contributed to the research of age-related diseases by investing in biotechnology company called SENS Research Foundation. The non-profit foundation is committed to using innovative biotechnologies to develop anti-ageing medicine and therapy. Hope donated $500,000 to support the initiative that catered toward AGE-breaker research programs that aim at developing drugs in addition to treatment that will help to prevent the growth of metabolic wastes in the human body.

One of the primary causes of age-related diseases is the buildup of glycation end-products. This happens faster in people who have diabetes. It also happens to everyone and causes a lot of harm in the cells. AGEs disable the protein machinery by hammering on cell receptors that cause chronic inflammation. Initially, AGE-breaker drugs occurred before the current era of biotechnology development. It was not only laborious but sparingly used in patients regardless of promising animal studies. The research turned out to be necessary to humans.

According to Jason Hope, SENS Research Foundation is one of the organizations that can reduce the development of age-related diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and arthritis among others. These infections are common in older people because of their slow metabolism. Hope’s contribution has inspired many researchers and donors to join the program and donate funds toward finding treatment solutions to prevent patients from acquiring these diseases.

Jason Hope grew up in Arizona. He joined Arizona State University for a degree in finance before heading to Carey School of Business for an MBA. He started working as an entrepreneur, philanthropist as well as an investor. Jason Hope would later work as consultant for different businesses across the state of Arizona.

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Succeeding in diversified investments: Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a renowned private equity investor, a legendary American entrepreneur, and a sports team owner. Mr. Edens is an investor having an array of investments ranging from healthcare, media, sports, financial services, real estate, to modern infrastructure. He is also the co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group. In Fortress, he serves as the head of private equity, co-chairman, as well as the chief investment officer since the year 2009 August. Starting December 2017, Wes Edens also serves in the capacity of a co-chief executive officer. He is responsible for publicly traded assets and businesses as well as private equity.

As of June 2018, the company had grown to become a global investment company managing slightly over $41.4 billion worth assets. Wes Edens has a proven track of records, and his leadership abilities are great. This has seen Fortress build and establish industry-leading businesses and investments. Regarding private equity, Mr. Edens has been the catalyst of development of Brightline, a privately owned and maintained intercity passenger railway system in the US. Find out more about Wes Edens at

Wes Edens has a keen eye for investment opportunities. In 2014, he founded New Fortress Energy, a clean and renewable energy venture. With just four years in operation, the company has transitioned to a global leader in the production of clean energy as well as liquefied natural gas infrastructure. The company has several gas plants and gas-fired power plants in the Caribbean as well as North America.

Diversification in investments is one major pillar of Mr. Edens’ success in investments. He is a renowned investor in sports. He first ventured in NBA, where became the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. Besides, he is the co-owner of Aston Villa Football Club. This is a soccer club based in Birmingham, England.

Mr. Edens has had an exciting and very successful career. He has won many awards as well as titles due to his enormous achievements in the industry. He prepared for all this through studying and acquiring finance and business administration in the prestigious Oregon State University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Finance and Business Administration in 1984. As of now he has founded three organizations and currently has advisory roles in three boards.

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How David McDonald has upheld OSI’s culture

OSI Group is on an upward trend; one that has seen the food company expand its operations to 16 countries including China. Consequently, OSI Group has made major acquisitions. Top among them is the purchase of a popular Dutch food company, Baho Foods, and also Flagship Europe. At the heart of these vital developments is the COO and president of OSI Group, David McDonald. Not only has McDonald provided unequivocal leadership during these transactions, but he has also been a central figure in upholding the culture and ethics that binds OSI Group.

McDonald joined OSI Group three decades ago, upon his graduation from Iowa State University, and since then, he has displayed exceptional workmanship that has earned him the COO position. According to David McDonald, his personal success is directly tied to that of OSI Group, and it is the reason he gives his job undivided attention. The culture of OSI is deeply rooted in family values, and it is why every customer and employee is treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

Since his ascension to the presidency, David McDonald has upheld this culture, much to the acknowledgment of his peers and employees as well. To his credit, McDonald started his career at the company as a junior manager and managed to rise to the top. His experience put him in a good position to learn the company’s culture and, resultantly, predisposed him as the custodian of OSI’s rich culture. McDonald may have achieved much success in his career, but OSI’s progress in China is the one that gives him much satisfaction. Perhaps, this is because of the amount of time, resources and energy, that OSI has invested in China in a bid to penetrate the tight market. Read more about David McDonald at

More about David McDonald

A young McDonald fell in love with animals and agriculture at an early age, having grown up in a busy farm in Northeast Iowa. He followed his passion and pursued an Animal Science degree at Iowa State University (ISU). Other than OSI, McDonald is involved in various charitable projects, such as funding the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship and also supporting ISU’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. David is also actively involved in helping ISU students get internships at OSI Group and other multinational companies.

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Rebel Wilson Featured in New Romantic Comedy

Rebel Wilson has made a major name for herself as an Australian actor, writer and producer. She has appeared in a number of well known films including Bridesmaids, A Few Best Men and Struck by Lightning.

Rebel Wilson has also received several awards nomination. She is set to appear in the new romantic comedy Isn’t It Romantic. Set for release on Valentines Day 2019, Isn’t It Romantic could be Rebel Wilson’s biggest role yet. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

In this new romantic comedy Rebel Wilson plays an architect from New York named Natalie. Wilson has never been a big fan of romantic comedies. Ironically her character finds herself in the middle of one. Natalie finds herself in a struggle with a mugger at a subway station.

She ends up getting knocked out and wakes up in the middle of a PG-13 romantic comedy. The film also includes Liam Hemsworth as Blake and Adam DeVine as Josh. Both Blake and Josh are love interest of Natalie in the film. Natalie feels like her worst nightmare has come true. She spends the entire film trying to find her way out of it.

Rebel Wilson and director Todd Strauss-Schulson spent lots of time preparing this new film. The duo watched dozens of romantic comedies in preparation for making Isn’t It Romantic. Like a number of other well known romantic comedies, this film is about falling in love with yourself. Ultimately the film is a romantic comedy about romantic comedies. The film pays homage to some previous well known romantic comedies which include When Harry Met Sally and Pretty Woman.

Rebel Wilson has a long list of films on her list for the future. Wilson will appear in a remake of the flim Private Benjamin next. Sticking with the remake theme, Wilson has confirmed she will star in the remake of of the comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

She is also been cast in The Social Life alongside actress Amanda Seyfried. Other films set for Rebel Wilson’s future include The Hustle with Anne Hathaway, the musical film Cats and the dark comedy drama Jojo Rabbit. Read more: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter

Produced by New Line Cinema, Isn’t It Romantic is set for release February 14, 2019. The film is being distributed by Warner Brothers and features a great cast to complement Rebel Wilson. Wilson finds hers self in unique role. It appears set to be one of her biggest to date.

Matthew Fleeger : A tale of oil booms and busts

The year was 2005 and pundits both on the television and print media were warning the public of the impending event of our hydrocarbon reserves going dry which would leave the United States dependent on OPEC. Although the theory was correct, many did not anticipate the sudden improvements of older inventions, particularly those that allowed oil companies to recover what is called “Hard Oil”. This “hard oil” earns its name for the difficulty of obtaining it and the lack of revenue from it. The two technologies that allowed us to overcome this difficult moment were horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. There two allowed oil companies to dramatically cut the cost of manual labor by incorporating automated machines that could run way longer than a human could.

Gulf Coast Western, owned and operated by Matthew Fleeger is one of the companies that have utilized these technologies the best. Matthew Fleeger who originally did not have experience in the oil industry was an entrepreneur who sold two successful companies and made a name for himself as a leader in both. Fleeger who took over his father’s oil company is now the CEO of the company.

How did Fleeger succeed when so many failed? It all came down to experience and positivity. Although Gulf Coast Western utilized many of the same technologies that other oil companies where using at the time, what set his company apart was that he used various partnerships and his geological knowledge of the area to pick and choose the best sections to set up drilling platforms.

Things weren’t always so great for Fleeger and the company, in fact, the early 2000s brought much uncertainty to his company as he was forced to cut down on overhead cost in order to maintain his current staff. Matthew comments that the ability to stay positive and think outside the box was the reason they are still here today.

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The Joint Venture Between Talos Energy And Stone Energy

Among the accomplishments Talos Energy has garnered this year, includes the feature among the Top Work Places 2018. The Talos Energy firm focuses solely on the use of innovation in the production and exploration of resources.

Talos Energy central strategy is the acquisition, exploration, and exploitation of the resources along the offshore waters. This is accomplished with the use of large seismic databases helped with the reprocessing techniques. In addition, the firm utilizes the deep the experience in the sphere of geological and geophysical operation fields.

Talos Energy recently made headlines following joint venture with Stone Energy Corporation. The acquisition has been set to be completed before the end of 2018. Even with the changes, the headquarters for Talos Energy is set to remain in Texas.

Talos Energy heads into the venture while maintaining its previous Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Duncan. Among the changes in the Board of Directors will feature six members from the Talos Energy firm with the rest from Stone Energy.

The previous shareholders for Talos Energy have a reason to smile with the acquisition of close to two-thirds of the joint venture. The remaining stock will be shared by the Scope Energy shareholders. The value for the shareholders is bound to increase when the resources held by both firms are pulled together.

Talos Energy new venture has an estimated value growth which will be a haven for potential investors. The offshore production by the joint venture will increase. There would also be increasing production and exploration in the Deepwater.

Both Talos Energy and Stone Energy will bring to the table their inventory for the exploration prospects available. There would also be an increase in the production area due to the increase in land coverage. The financial flexibility will rise due to the exponential growth possibilities estimated.

Talos Energy, which was established in 2012, started off as an independent energy firm in exploring and producing oil and gas in the offshore. The firm has garnered a lot of experience when it comes to exploration and production along the offshore waters. With the merger in play, there are more investments into production and exploration for future developments.

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Celebrating Flavio Maluf

Eucatex is one of the largest producers of floors, partitions, doors, MDP and MDF panels, wood fiber sheets, paints and varnishes from Brazil. The business is chaired by businessman and executive Flavio Maluf. He turns 67 on the 23rd of November. For most of his career, he has invested in sustainability and other social actions.

The São Paulo based company uses eucalyptus as a raw material for production since it was founded in 1951. In 1962, it began to invest in land and reforestation to guarantee supply self-sufficiency of supply. In the following years, this added to its performance in favor of the environment and society.

For 19 years, Eucatex developed an Environmental Education Program (PEA). The project takes place in partnership with the local governments of São Paulo, Bofete, Anhembi, Avaré and Salto for students that are in the region. Read this article of Flavio Maluf at Business and Economics.

One of the objectives of the program is the dissemination of concepts on the preservation of the environment, the importance of correct management of forests, and the importance of eucalyptus as a raw material for various forest-based products. In the visits to parks and ecological trails, the participants of the projects developed by the company of Flavio Maluf also learn about urban tree planting and its benefits for society. The students learn the care that must be taken with this type of forestation as well as the recovery planting that is done in decimated areas. Since its implementation, Eucatex’s Environmental Education Program has received more than 27,000 visitors.

The company also works directly with the community around them. For example, those who live in the vicinity of the Eucatex farms are visited by the company’s specialists. The intention of the initiative is to create a dialogue with society on possible impacts of forest operations and to carry out socioeconomic diagnoses. The objective of the project chaired by Flavio Maluf is to plan actions to contribute to the quality of life and local well-being.

Finally, the company of Flavio Maluf also strives to preserve forests by preventing fires which are a great risk during the dry season. The venture invests in fire prevention and awareness for the local community.

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How Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade made The CAOA dream a reality

In 2002, Boris Feldman, a renowned journalist specializing in automobile news and host of the syndicated Car Talk radio show, had an interview with Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade. During the interview, Dr. Carlos expressed his desire to one day make an entirely Brazilian car, in what he referred to as the Dr. Caoa dream.

An impossible feat

Recalling the interview with Dr. Carlos, Boris Feldman says that to him it all seemed impossible. Dr. Carlos planned to achieve that dream by getting different companies to design the model for him. For instance, he had already started negotiations with Fiat to create a national engine for the car, while his design agency based in Italy had already begun building a modern body for the model. To Boris Feldman that seemed like the Korean way of doing things as they also started the same way before making their models.

Change of mind

During his recent Car talk show, Boris Feldman revisited the matter and had a different opinion as half a decade later, Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade has proven him wrong. Dr. Carlos did not do things the Korean way; instead, he took over the operations of a failing auto company in Brazil known as Cherry and turned its fortune around, kept his partners and at the same time ensured the continuation of his models in Jacarei and Annapolis. Today, Boris Feldman perceives Dr. Carlos as an experienced guru in the realm of automobiles, and an entrepreneur who has completely transformed the industry by successfully representing big brands such as French Renault.

About the CAOA

The CAOA is one of the leading automotive firms in Brazil. It was established in 1979 by Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade, and now has a branch in almost every region in Brazil. Since its inception, the CAOA has been recording high successes due to the involvement of Dr. Carlos in nearly every stage of its operations, from assembly to distribution.

Today, the firm owns and controls all Hyundai, Ford and Subaru dealerships. Also since the 1990s, The CAOA has been the sole importer of Subaru and Hyundai models.

Initially, Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade was in the health industry, but shifted gears after a dealership he had purchased a car from went bankrupt. He holds a medical degree which is why he is known as Dr. Carlos.